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Why Are Motorized Shades an Improvement Over Manual Shades?

A Side-By-Side Breakdown of Motorized Vs. Manual Shades

Why Are Motorized Shades an Improvement Over Manual Shades?

Window shades are an essential part of your Buckhead-area home’s functionality and design. They help regulate temperature, protect against UV rays, reduce glare on TVs, and prevent the outside world from looking into your house when you want private time.

Manual shades can be a hassle to operate, and if they’re not lowered at the right time, they don’t offer any protection. Those problems are eliminated with motorized shades, which operate automatically depending on the settings you program into your home control system.

Read on to discover how motorized and manual shades compare in three different areas: ease of use, customization, and convenience.

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Ease of Use

Motorized Shades: Control your motorized window treatments with your smartphone or tablet, so you never have to get up to adjust them. They'll move to the exact position you choose in the control system, and you can even program your system to move to different settings automatically, depending on the temperature and time of day. We at Georgia Home Theater partner with Lutron, the industry leader in motorized shading technology, for our custom residential installations.

Manual Shades: When was the last time you struggled with the string on a set of blinds that would not click into place? How about pulling down retractable shades that refuse to go back up again? Manual shades can be very frustrating fixtures that often refuse to operate the way they are intended.


Motorized Shades: As mentioned earlier, Lutron motorized window treatments can be fully customized with different settings to suit your specific needs. Want your shades to drop as you prepare to watch a movie? Program a home theater scene in your control system.

Automated settings are even more valuable, and you can customize your shades to automatically change with the movement of the sun. Temperature fluctuations can also activate the shades, and you set the thresholds for when that occurs.

Manual Shades: If you want your manual shades to adjust to the position of the sun, you have to do that all yourself. Nobody wants to get up every hour to make sure that that the blinds are in the optimal location, and even then, it’s a pain to make all your blind levels line up evenly. 

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Motorized Shades: Some people choose not to put shades on their highest windows because they won’t be able to adjust them easily, but all it takes is the tap of a button to lower the shades in those hard-to-reach places. Like the rest of the shades in your house, these can also be activated automatically.

Manual Shades: Have fun grabbing a ladder so you can reach those high-up windows that are letting sunlight in all day long.


To learn more about how motorized shades can enhance your home in the Buckhead area, reach out to one of our specialists at (770) 955-8909 or by filling out our online form. We hope to hear from you soon!

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