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GHT Group Product Review: Séura Smart Mirror

Invigorate Your Morning Routine with This Innovative Smart Home Device

GHT Group Product Review: Séura Smart Mirror

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When was the last time you got ready in the bathroom without your smartphone by your side? These devices have become ingrained in our routines, but checking your e-mail or social media feeds can be a clunky experience when you’re brushing your teeth or applying makeup.

What if you could stay engaged with your technology while you prepare for your day, though? The Séura Smart Mirror offers homeowners in Marietta and throughout the Metro Atlanta area that opportunity.

Read on to learn more about the exciting features of this sophisticated technology and how our home automation services can help make the addition of this exciting product to your home a simple task.


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Consume Information and Entertainment with Efficiency

The Séura Smart Mirror is an elegant, streamlined solution that puts a customized dashboard behind your bathroom mirror. Operating on an Android-based platform, the Smart Mirror gives you access to the millions of widgets and apps on the Google Play platform, which you can activate via touch or voice control.

The Smart Mirror allows you to catch up any news you missed overnight and browse your schedule so that you start your day knowing exactly what is in store. Dress for the weather by getting the current temperature, and you'll see if you need to grab your umbrella or a jacket with the hourly forecast. You can get a head start on your emails and send quick replies by simply speaking your response out loud. 

Having trouble getting your kids out of bed and ready for school? Prep time can be playtime with streaming video services on the Smart Mirror, or program games that will make them want to spend more time freshening up before heading out the door.


Take Control of Your Home Automation System

You’re already controlling your home automation system from your smart device, and you won’t lose that now that you’re leaving your phone or tablet in the bedroom while you get ready.

The Smart Mirror has full integration capabilities, so you can adjust lights and automated window treatments or do your morning security check as you get ready. Get pumped up for your day by turning on your sound system and starting your favorite playlist, and adjust the thermostat so your home is at the perfect temperature now that your body is warmed up.

Our home automation services not only include integrating these technologies throughout your home but also include giving you the ability to access your entire smart home system from your Séura mirror.

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Increase the “Wow” Factor of Your Bathroom

The Smart Mirror made a big impression when it debuted at CEDIA Expo last year; not just for its impressive functionality, but for its sleek design.

It’s a beautiful piece of technology, and its an unobtrusive addition to a bathroom that is also a major conversation starter when guests take a tour of your home. The Séura Smart Mirror is just plain cool, bringing the futuristic equipment of science fiction into reality to make your life easier.


Interested in learning more about how a Séura Smart Mirror can enhance your Marietta-area home? Reach out to one of our specialists by chatting live with us below or by filling out our online contact form.


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