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Want the Best Sound from Your Home Theater Installation? Want the Best Sound from Your Home Theater Installation?

How Room Correction Fixes Audio Problems in Your Home Theater

What is room correction? No, we’re not talking here about moving walls around to fix your room. We are talking about how your home theater audio system sounds in your room. For those of you that are audio aficionados of either the two-channel or multichannel type (or both), you may already be familiar with this. It’s the use of calibration software and methods for adjusting a sound system for even, natural sound in a media room or theater. 

Why is room correction important for your home theater installation in Buckhead? Because every room is different, and even the best equipment and speakers may not sound quite like you expect without a little corrective help. Keep reading for a quick view of room correction and how it can help your sound quality. Or, skip the rest of the blog and call us; as metro Atlanta’s premier home theater company for over 30 years, we can expertly calibrate your home theater or media room for superb sound!

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Enjoy the Ultimate Home Theater Movie Jukebox Enjoy the Ultimate Home Theater Movie Jukebox

The Kaleidescape Movie Server Brings the Full Cinema Experience Home

In these days of virtually endless streaming options, you might be thinking: What’s a movie jukebox, and why should I care? After all, I’m not popping discs into a player anymore! Well. you may not, but you may be missing out on extracting the full potential of your home theater

Streaming services are superb for the sheer convenience of pressing a button or two and seeing a movie come to life, but there is a bit of a price to pay. Services like Netflix and Amazon Prime do offer 4K video and Dolby surround sound, but they tend to optimize the stream for the data rate of the network connection. In other words, there is some compression of the stream, resulting in the loss of video and audio fidelity. 

After you’ve spent a good sum on a state-of-the-art home theater installation, we think you deserve a higher-quality option in your Buckhead cinema. That’s where the Kaleidescape comes in, offering a new level of audiovisual performance with all the convenience of a veritable movie jukebox at your fingertips. Keep reading below to learn more about this exciting way to get the best possible film experience at home.