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Articles in Category: Residential Lighting Design

Transform the look and feel of your home with creative residential lighting design. Learn about the latest trends and solutions here.


Understanding the Art and Science of Residential Lighting Design

Lighting Design Is More than Mere Illumination

Understanding the Art and Science of Residential Lighting Design

Lighting should be an integral part of home design. Interestingly enough though, it is often an afterthought. Sometimes lighting design is relegated to a line item as an allowance in an overall construction budget.

Lighting design is both art and science. Established guidelines exist to calculate illumination needs for a given space based on square footage and other considerations. But that aspect may not cover the objectives for the aesthetics or overall feel of a room. You can light it up so there’s plenty of light, but it doesn’t mean it will be right, in much the same way one can fill a room with expensive furnishings but not achieve the goal of a well-designed and sorted space.

Great residential lighting design is both art and science. Read on to learn more about how good lighting design can elevate your Buckhead, GA home.

Make Residential Interiors Shine with Superior Lighting Design

Everything Looks Better in the Right Light

Make Residential Interiors Shine with Superior Lighting Design

GHT Group is committed to bringing the best in home technology solutions to the finest residences in metro Atlanta. One of the areas that we think adds the most value to your home and lifestyle is lighting. Mastering the balance of natural and artificial lighting in your spaces makes significant contributions to your home’s functionality, beauty, and even your well-being.

Great lighting design is what turns a house into a spectacular residence. Even a home with the best furnishings and design can be let down by subpar lighting. In the paragraphs below, we’ll give you some of our favorite ideas on residential lighting design to make your Johns Creek, GA house into the home you’ve always envisioned.

Residential Lighting Design: Doing Bathrooms the Right Way

Elevate Your Bathrooms with the Right Lighting

Residential Lighting Design: Doing Bathrooms the Right Way

There’s an old adage that says good lighting can make any room look good, and bad lighting can make even the most beautiful space look seriously deficient. OK, we’ll admit we just made that one up.

However, adage or not, there is truth in our words. Our eyes see everything as reflections of light off objects. And any picture you see is also the capture of light into an image. Light is a critical factor in how you view just about everything.

When it comes to residential lighting design, perhaps there is nothing more annoying than a poorly lit bathroom. Bathrooms serve multiple purposes. They are functional spaces, but they also increasingly serve as retreats for relaxation with luxurious tubs, showers and other amenities. How do you illuminate bathrooms in Brookhaven, GA, to serve these different needs? We're glad you asked. Keep reading for some of the latest lighting trends for today's bathrooms.

3 Smart Lighting Design Ideas for Home Offices

Maximize Productivity and Comfort with the Right Illumination

3 Smart Lighting Design Ideas for Home Offices

Telecommuting is nothing new, as the computer and high-speed internet made it a relatively painless proposition over the past two decades. In the past ten years or so, the maturing of cloud application and communication platforms made it even easier to work from home, and many employers encouraged and supported it on a part-time basis.

Of course, we don't have to mention here how the COVID-19 crisis has pushed working from home into hyper-speed overdrive. After all, before this pandemic, when did you ever see Saturday Night Live skits about Zoom meetings? While working from home is not without its many challenges, many think that companies large and small will be seriously rethinking their workforces, with telecommuting becoming far more prevalent for many information workers.

So, what do you need to work from home effectively? Besides the things you might think about – a distraction-free space, comfortable and ergonomic furniture, and a good equipment setup – have you thought about the lighting? Good lighting makes for a pleasant space to work, while poor lighting can lead to fatigue and a lack of productivity, and you may not even know why. Here are three tips that residential lighting design experts recommend to ensure your Alpharetta, GA home office is a happy and productive workplace.