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Articles in Category: Residential Lighting Design – Dunwoody, GA

GHT Group partners with residential lighting design professionals in Dunwoody and the metro Atlanta area to offer the best in home lighting solutions.

Residential Lighting Design 101: Understanding Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting is the Essential Starting Point

Residential Lighting Design 101: Understanding Ambient Lighting

Lighting is all about form and function. It's an essential part of any home, as where would we be without light? But beyond the crucial function of illumination, there is the aesthetic component, just as important in making a house feel like a home.

We’ve discussed the three essential elements of residential lighting design in the past: ambient, task, and accent. This post will cover the basics of ambient lighting and what to think about for your Dunwoody, GA home. Ambient lighting is essential, but there are many options to consider. Please follow with us below.