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Five Ways Control4 Home Automation Keeps You on Top of Everything Five Ways Control4 Home Automation Keeps You on Top of Everything

Control4 Has Your Back

Life in Atlanta, GA, isn’t getting slower-paced. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s just accelerating. Indeed,  it feels that life is a constant juggle among competing priorities.

No, this is not a self-help blog, but we do have a way to help. A Control4 home automation system gives you a way to stay on top of your home in various genuinely useful ways. Fewer things to worry about, all handled by some smart technology, are one method of taking the pressure away from life’s everyday stresses. And Control4 is one of the most comprehensive control systems for running your smart home. Here are a few ways it can help.

Look Beyond the Touchscreen With Crestron’s Newest Remotes! Look Beyond the Touchscreen With Crestron’s Newest Remotes!

Get to Know Crestron’s New TSR-310 and HR-310 Remotes

Right now, many of us are hyper-focused on our home entertainment and automation systems since some of us aren’t venturing far beyond our property. Isn’t now the right time to optimize your automation and AV controls? Though hands-free control has grown more popular as we deal with the new coronavirus, sometimes nothing replaces the familiar control we get with a traditional remote control. Remote controls allow the tactile controls you’re used to, while backlighting features let you see how you’re navigating your remote, even if you’re watching in the dark.

Crestron released its TSR-310 and HR-310 remotes back in 2018, but Crestron home automation users enjoy their capabilities to this day. Click on our original blog post to learn more, and keep reading to learn some details about both remotes.

Home Builders: GHT Group is Your Smart Home Technology Partner Home Builders: GHT Group is Your Smart Home Technology Partner

Work with Atlanta’s Complete Smart Home Company

Recently, GHT Group changed its name from Georgia Home Theater. Why? While AV and home theater remain central to our mission, the name did not reflect everything we do in smart technology in both the residential and commercial markets. In the past few years, we have made a significant investment in adding additional smart technology products and services, as well as our 20,000 square foot Marietta showroom, to become the “one-stop” smart home company in the metro Atlanta area.

We are also committing ourselves to partner with designers, architects, and builders to be the smart home company of choice for integrating the latest technology in new and remodeled homes. To that end, we have recently joined the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association to become part of the community of builders and real estate professionals, bringing our expertise in the rapidly changing and expanding smart technology landscape. Keep reading to learn more about why GHT Group should be your choice for smart technology solutions in Atlanta.

How Smart Home Technology Helps Sell Homes How Smart Home Technology Helps Sell Homes

Add the Wow Factor to Your Clients’ Properties

As a real estate professional, investor, or builder, you know a thing or two about what creates an appealing property. Having properties with contemporary layouts, finishes, and colors helps make the crucial first impression that makes buyers interested. Modern appliances, kitchens, and up-to-date baths are also critical. Often spending more money on landscaping helps draw buyers in, too. 

Another area that can add the wow factor is smart technology. A recent Houzz survey found that half of renovating homeowners were looking to add intelligent systems in their new homes. There is no doubt that buyers have a high interest in smart tech, and smart tech can also add flair that impresses.

How does a smart home installation make your properties and projects stand out in Atlanta’s competitive market? Read on to learn more.

GHT Group Adds Home Lighting Design Services GHT Group Adds Home Lighting Design Services

Learn How Professional Lighting Design Can Elevate Your Atlanta Home

In our three decades of history at GHT Group, we have always been at the forefront of offering the best home technology solutions in the Atlanta area. For years we have installed Lutron lighting control systems to help homeowners manage home lighting, bringing convenience and efficiency as well as the ability to integrate lighting with other smart home control features.

Lighting can transform a home. When you walk into a space that is meticulously illuminated, you know it and feel it. From our work in lighting control and automation with architects, designers, and homeowners in the Atlanta area, we also see an opportunity to take another step forward into home lighting design.

We are excited to branch out into lighting design because of the nearly endless possibilities that new control and LED technologies offer in lighting. Read on to learn more about how you can transform your home with our lighting design services.

Enjoy Effortless Home Control with Crestron’s Newest Remotes Enjoy Effortless Home Control with Crestron’s Newest Remotes

Get to Know Crestron’s New TSR-310 and HR-310 Remotes

This blog has now been updated; you can view this updated post here.

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Get to Know Crestron’s New TSR-310 and HR-310 Remotes

Our world is full of touchscreens. According to Statista stats portal, 2.8 billion touchscreen devices were shipped worldwide in 2016 alone. You have to work hard these days to find a human being on the planet that hasn’t been exposed to one. The reason is straightforward: Touchscreens present intuitive interfaces for people to accomplish tasks without resorting to a help manual. The smartphone in our pocket proves that they work for a host of applications.

As much as we all love touchscreens, there are some times when they are not always the best control experience. Touchscreens require us to look at the screen to make a choice or perform a gesture.

When it comes to A/V control, the majority of remotes still have real buttons. Vendors have added app control to smart devices – from sophisticated devices like A/V receivers to simpler ones like Roku Streamers – to extend the control capabilities and allow for an alternative form of control. There are people, particularly of younger generations that grew up with touchscreens, that might prefer the smartphone as a remote control, as it is virtually always with you.

For A/V control, sometimes the touchscreen is not the best option. For many people, adjusting the volume is easier by feeling for the right button on a hard-button remote. That way, you don’t have to look down at a screen or light up a darkened room during a movie. Transport functions like play, pause, and fast forward can sometimes be more intuitive with real buttons too. Lastly, your smartphone is doing other things than remote control, and switching or starting apps for a simple function can be tedious.

Crestron has been in the A/V and home automation business since it began. They understand the control of devices and systems thoroughly. In this age of the screen, they still offer hard button remotes to allow the freedom to control your environment the way you want.

Read on to learn more about managing your A/V and home automation systems in the Roswell area with the the new, advanced TSR-310 and HR-310 remotes for your Crestron control system. These are not your average complicated remotes though – they are designed to be customized for you.

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