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GHT Group Adds Home Lighting Design Services

Learn How Professional Lighting Design Can Elevate Your Atlanta Home

GHT Group Adds Home Lighting Design Services

In our three decades of history at GHT Group, we have always been at the forefront of offering the best home technology solutions in the Atlanta area. For years we have installed Lutron lighting control systems to help homeowners manage home lighting, bringing convenience and efficiency as well as the ability to integrate lighting with other smart home control features.

Lighting can transform a home. When you walk into a space that is meticulously illuminated, you know it and feel it. From our work in lighting control and automation with architects, designers, and homeowners in the Atlanta area, we also see an opportunity to take another step forward into home lighting design.

We are excited to branch out into lighting design because of the nearly endless possibilities that new control and LED technologies offer in lighting. Read on to learn more about how you can transform your home with our lighting design services.

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Showcase Your Home

Think of your home as a stage. In a show, stage lighting can make an enormous difference in the presentation. Stage lighting is a specialty, and there are people who know how to do it the right way. In much the same way that professional interior designers outfit your home with carefully designed and curated furnishings and finishes, professional lighting designers showcase your décor and put your home’s best features forward.

Think of what you have in your home, such as a hallway with artwork you have acquired over your travels. With the right lighting design, that artwork can become a focal point for visitors. Similarly, a bookcase with rare books can be bathed in a soft light that draws attention. 

Highlight unique features of your home to great effect. Reflected lighting from a coved ceiling can enhance a room. LED tape lighting can make kitchen and bathroom counters appear to float off the floor. The creative options made possible with LED lighting is astounding; you can incorporate many different shapes and designs.

Tunable Lighting

Tunable lighting is one of the latest trends to come into home lighting. Tunable lighting refers to the ability of LED lights to precisely vary the color temperature and intensity of white light. Exposure to the natural light of the sun helps to regulate our internal cycles. With tunable lighting controlled by smart home automation, you can bring the effects of natural light indoors, mimicking the way the intensity and color hues of sunlight change throughout the day. 

Tunable lighting can also offer color for fun and ambiance. Turn your lights down to dim, amber hues for a romantic dinner at home. Or when you have a party, use colored lighting to go along with a color theme. Light has the power to set the ambiance for any activity at home. With careful lighting design and automation, ambiance change is available at the touch of a button.

GHT Group - A Trusted Partner

Why trust GHT Group for lighting design? For years we have partnered with designers, architects, and builders on custom projects in audio-video and smart automation. Lighting design is linked to these areas, too. Want your home theater ceiling to look like you're watching a movie under the stars? That's where lighting design comes in. When you have a party, do you want every light in your home set a certain way? We know how to do that, indoors and out. Our breadth of experience gives you a one-stop-shop for an integrated smart home solution that also includes creative lighting that showcases your home in the best light.

Let GHT Group show you what you can do with creative home lighting design. Visit our Marietta showroom, fill out our contact form, or click below to connect with one of our lighting design experts. We look forward to working with you!

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