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How to Choose a Home Automation Services Company

Who Does Your Home Automation Is as Important as What Product You Select

How to Choose a Home Automation Services Company

Car brands can often trigger an emotional response with many people. Some have excellent experiences that make them loyal to the brand, and others have terrible ones. While the automobile product itself is critical in building that experience, it often comes down to the buying process and dealer service. As you have all likely experienced, these experiences have probably varied widely from very good to awful.

When it comes to home automation services for your WaterSound, FL home, who installs and maintains your smart home systems is just as important as the products you choose. Why? Because even the best products and solutions can disappoint if not correctly configured, installed, and maintained. Keep reading to learn more about what to look for in choosing a home automation company.

The 3 Best Excuses to Justify Upgrading Your Home Automation

Because We Know You Want to

The 3 Best Excuses to Justify Upgrading Your Home Automation

We spend a lot of time on these pages expounding the benefits of smart home technology, because, well, it’s what we do. And we are genuinely excited about all areas of AV and home technology, as evidenced by our ample 20,000 square foot Mariettashowroom, well worth the drive from your Cumming home if you can tear yourself away from beautiful Lake Lanier for a bit.

Maybe you've already invested in a home automation system. Or perhaps you happen to have bought a Cumming property that already had a system or a component of one like lighting control. If what you have isn’t broken, why fix it? We say, don’t fix it, but maintain it so it continues to run well. We can do that for you too. But if your system has a few years on it, we’re going to recommend you upgrade. Why? Because there’s so much you can do with the latest smart home technology! As metro Atlanta's leading home automation company, once we show you all the things your smart home can do, you’ll have no excuse not to upgrade. But below are the excuses you can use to justify it to your significant other!

What You Get with a Certified Control4 Installer

Get Home Automation with Professional Results

What You Get with a Certified Control4 Installer

Let’s face it, anyone can have some level of home automation and smart control these days. Hundreds of smart devices are available at the click of an Amazon Buy button, at Home Depot, or Best Buy. You can be your own integrator, programmer, and head debugger and install a surprisingly extensive smart home system yourself.

Perhaps you're not interested in integrating your own system or trying to figure out why your outside lights didn't turn on at sunset. If you’re a busy professional, your time away from work is likely far more valuable than debugging your smart home devices. We're not going to tell you hiring a professional for your smart home installation will be less expensive – when is it ever? But we can tell you what you will get with a professionally installed smart home system like Control4, and how a Control4 installer like GHT Group, Atlanta's leading home technology integrator, can ensure you don't spend your free time as your home's IT person. Keep reading for more.

The Smart Way to Plan Your Home Automation Project

A List of Do’s and Don’ts for Your Next Smart Home

The Smart Way to Plan Your Home Automation Project

In most of life's endeavors, there's a good way and a not-so-good way of doing things. Sometimes you can learn from mistakes without major repercussions. Sometimes, mistakes can be extremely costly and aggravating. Bear with us here; this is not a life coaching blog.

GHT Group is in the home technology business and not trying to compete with Tony Robbins. What we can do, based on our over three decades in business in the metro Atlanta area, is give you solid advice on how to go about planning for smart home automation in your residence.

Keep reading for our tips on what to do and not to do when planning your smart home. Did you know lousy home automation has been known to break up relationships? Trust us on that one; we've seen a few things.