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What You Get with a Certified Control4 Installer

Get Home Automation with Professional Results

What You Get with a Certified Control4 Installer

Let’s face it, anyone can have some level of home automation and smart control these days. Hundreds of smart devices are available at the click of an Amazon Buy button, at Home Depot, or Best Buy. You can be your own integrator, programmer, and head debugger and install a surprisingly extensive smart home system yourself. 

Perhaps you're not interested in integrating your own system or trying to figure out why your outside lights didn't turn on at sunset. If you’re a busy professional, your time away from work is likely far more valuable than debugging your smart home devices. We're not going to tell you hiring a professional for your smart home installation will be less expensive – when is it ever? But we can tell you what you will get with a professionally installed smart home system like Control4, and how a Control4 installer like GHT Group, Atlanta's leading home technology integrator, can ensure you don't spend your free time as your home's IT person. Keep reading for more. 

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Effortless Control

One of the benefits you want from a smart home is effortless control. This cuts two ways: You want to be able to have things done for you automatically – like your outside lights coming on and off at the right times – but not losing manual and granular control over that function. Imagine having a sophisticated lighting control system that can create a beautiful scene for entertaining with a layered lighting scheme, but you don’t have a way to manage that specific downlight over the bookshelves? You want full, intuitive, seamless control, and that’s what a Control4 professional installation gets you. 

Personalization by user is also a hallmark of a sophisticated home automation system. Not everyone in the family needs control of the same things, and some, like kids, shouldn’t have control of some functions or should be limited.  A Control4 system lets you set up profiles for everyone that needs access to your smart home functions, like adults, kids, guests, and your service people. For example, let your younger kids watch their videos and shows on certain TVs in the house, but only use the home theater with adult supervision. You can limit people from changing scenes, messing with temperature settings, or changing smart lock or security camera settings, but otherwise let them do what they need to do.

The Right Infrastructure

Smart technology keeps advancing, and you may want to add new features or controls to your smart home. For that, you need the right infrastructure in place. While quite a bit of smart home control operates wirelessly, it's still not a completely wireless world. Low voltage cable for things like security cameras, speakers, wall-mounted controls, video doorbells, and other features enable more robust operation, greater security, and scalability of your system. Networking, in particular, stands out, as a smart home needs fast and reliable connectivity for everything from security to entertainment. Having the right combination of wired and wireless networking infrastructure, traffic prioritization, and robust professional-grade equipment is part of building the right foundation for your smart home. This is another piece of the puzzle that a professional installer will bring to the table. 

GHT Group is your local expert Control4 installer and Certified Showroom in the metro Atlanta area, offering a one-stop-shop of a wide array of home technology solutions. To get started, contact us here, make an appointment to visit our Marietta showroom, or use the chat box below to connect with one of our smart home experts quickly. We look forward to working with you!

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