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Articles in Category: Crestron Automation

When It’s Time To Return to the Office, Choose Crestron Automation

Crestron Mercury Can Take Your Meeting Space From Old to State-of-the-Art

When It’s Time To Return to the Office, Choose Crestron Automation

This blog was originally drafted in 2019, a time that, given our current situation, now feels like a lifetime ago for many of us. Not that long ago, we were all going to and from our offices without a single worry. Fast-forward to now, and we’re working remotely, often while managing home and children responsibilities.

Once the brunt of this pandemic passes, many of us will go back to our office. However, we expect that now that companies have adapted to a work-from-home structure, some team members, especially those who have higher risk factors, will ask to continue working remotely for a while. Stay connected in this new reality with more robust video conferencing features from our partner, Crestron. We’ll give you a brief history of videoconferencing and some of our favorite Crestron capabilities.

Why A Professional Network Installation Matters Now, More Than Ever

Strengthen Your Connection with Our Network Installation Services

Why A Professional Network Installation Matters Now, More Than Ever

With several school districts across Metro Atlanta area temporarily closing their doors due to a surge in COVID-19, families are transitioning to remote operations. Once again, adults are working from home, kids are learning from home, and families are continuing their enjoyment of streaming entertainment while they stay safe indoors.

Meanwhile, all of this streaming activity is straining your home’s bandwidth. Think of the data that you’re transmitting as an information highway. If too much information tries to move at once, your data runs into a sort of traffic jam. This is where a strong network comes in: Multiple networking zones and access points can unjam all the competing data coming into your network at one time. But the type of network you need right now requires some professional integration help to pull off, especially if you plan to scale up your smart home. We can help!

Featured Product Spotlight: Crestron Home OS 3

A Sleeker, Simpler Way to Harness the Power of Crestron Automation

Featured Product Spotlight: Crestron Home OS 3

For a long time, Crestron has been the choice for sophisticated home automation in the largest and most complex properties. As a pioneer in both residential and commercial automation, Crestron has built a powerful and advanced software platform that allows you to automate things in the home that other systems couldn't. It accomplished that with ultimate customizability.

But technology moves forward, and other competitors caught up with many of Crestron’s innovations, creating sophisticated systems that didn't require as much programming to achieve the same goals – even if they weren't quite as customizable. In the past few years, Crestron has embarked on an effort to make their systems far easier to configure and offers users a simpler, sleeker, more intuitive automation experience, while still retaining the customizability and flexibility that are hallmarks of the system.

GHT Group is a long-time Crestron integrator, and we are excited about the new Crestron Home system powered by their latest OS 3 software. OS 3 lets us configure a sophisticated Crestron automation system in your Dunwoody home faster than ever before, and at lower cost as the configuration is much more simplified. We’re so excited about it that we are setting up a new Crestron Experience in our Marietta showroom, where you can see it in action.

Ready to learn more? Read on to see more about what Crestron Home is all about.

Make Your Organization More Productive with Crestron Automation

Give Your Atlanta Business State-of-the-Art Collaboration and Communication Technology

Make Your Organization More Productive with Crestron Automation

In the 1960s, it was fashionable to talk about the "Nuclear Age.” In that era, nuclear energy painted a vision of a future with limitless power and even flying cars. The Nuclear Age never quite materialized but what blossomed after that time period was the Information Age.

The Information Age, as they say, changed everything. It has changed the speed of business radically with multimedia communication and telecommunication capabilities that make the 1960s look like the horse-and-buggy era. This means any organization, whether in business, education, medicine, or otherwise, needs to keep abreast of the latest information technologies. Information technology knocks down barriers across states, countries, and borders, so any organization has to stay competitive in our uber-connected world.

One way of staying competitive is with enterprise automation technology. Crestron is a leader in commercial and enterprise automation for organizations of all types. Keep reading to learn more about how to keep your Atlanta business competitive and productive in today's fast-paced business world.