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See Everything a Crestron Control System Can Do

Coming Soon to the Georgia Home Theater Showroom: The Crestron Experience Center

See Everything a Crestron Control System Can Do

As the leading smart home technology integrator in the Atlanta area, Georgia Home Theater works with the top brands in home automation. We’ve written extensively on these pages about Crestron and Control4, two systems we work with that are the leaders in the field. Both are excellent and offer a myriad of options for controlling and managing smart homes.

We’re very excited to bring a new dimension to our Marietta showroom, just a short hop from Sandy Springs - the Crestron Experience. We’ll be showing a variety of home systems that can fall under the expert automation of a Crestron control system, including motorized shades, hidden technology, and discreet architectural audio speakers.

Are you as excited as we are? Keep reading to learn more.

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The Crestron Difference

Crestron practically invented home automation. They also lead in commercial automation, including systems for managing audio, video, lighting, and conferencing resources in office environments. Some of Crestron’s greatest strengths in home automation are supreme interface customizability, the ability to do complex control programming, and efficient ways of distributing high-resolution audio and video throughout any environment.

When you consider a Crestron control system, you are looking at something that may have capabilities far beyond what you need today - but you know that it's nice to have them and the system is capable of future growth. Crestron makes their own products for motorized shading and window treatments, lighting, audio-video control and distribution, and more.


The Georgia Home Theater Crestron Experience

Imagine this scene as you step into the new Creston experience center at Georgia Home Theater: You walk in to the room, and you say “Josh, I’m home.” The voice control system triggers the Crestron system into action. The motorized window treatments open for sunlight, the lights softly come on, and a favorite music playlist starts playing over the high-end sound system.

That scene might describe any number of home automation systems, but this one is special. The control is by Crestron, and the lights come from our brand partner DMF, which makes a variety of modern fixtures that features tunable color temperature. Do you like your lights cooler or warmer? We’ll be able to show you exactly what that will look and feel like.

The audio? It’s not just any audio system. The speakers are architectural Monitor Audio Platinum models, part of the acclaimed British speaker company’s custom install line. We have paired them with in-ceiling subwoofers from JL Audio for bass you've never heard from a built-in speaker. If you don't like big subwoofer boxes, you'll be amazed at the performance of the Fathom system, powered by a McIntosh multichannel processor and separates for incredible performance with both movies and music.

Since there will be multichannel audio, what about the video? We will have Sony’s new 85-inch 8K OLED TV for an unforgettable video experience. Sony’s powerful 8K upscaling technology will make any existing content look better than ever. But you don’t need to see that huge screen all the time, so we will have it rise on command from a cabinet powered by a clever Future Automation hidden technology solution.

Finally, although we love what technology can do for us, we need it to fit into the style of our homes. In the Crestron experience center, we are letting you see solutions that do just that. The Crestron keypads are decorated with TRUFIG panels that blend in the controls with walls and countertop materials. Other technology like the voice control speaker and Nest thermostats can be discreetly integrated into walls with SeeLess solutions. The showroom experience will blend all of this technology that works but doesn’t call attention to itself.

Let us show you what a Crestron home control and automation system will look and feel like in your Atlanta-area home. Give us a call at (770) 955-8909, fill out our online contact form, or click the chat button below to immediately connect with us. We look forward to doing a Crestron “show-and-tell” for you.  

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