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Why Crestron Makes the Most Customizable Home Control Systems

Crestron’s Highly Configurable, Stylish Horizon Keypads Are Just One Example

Why Crestron Makes the Most Customizable Home Control Systems

Crestron is the oldest name in home automation. For over three decades, the company has been building sophisticated automation systems for home and commercial applications. Starting with control of audio-video systems in the early days, Crestron now offers a broad range of smart home control systems and entertainment – everything from complete whole home audio solutions to home theater, lighting control, motorized shades, home security, climate control, and more.

Crestron is known as one of the most customizable and scalable home automation systems on the market. No matter if your abode is a luxury townhome in Alpharetta or a 10,000-square-foot mansion in Buckhead, there is a Crestron control system that can automate it to your specifications.

One example of Crestron’s continuing ingenuity is the new Horizon keypads. In this day and age of smart devices and smartphone apps for control, there are still many times when you don’t want to reach for a smartphone and open an app to do something. You might just want to hit a button on the wall and have something happen – your lights coming on a certain way, putting music on, changing the temperature, or perhaps a combination of all of these things. That’s what Horizon keypads are all about – another gateway to the luxury of customized Crestron control and automation.

What else can Horizon keypads do? Just read on to learn more.

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Ultimate Customization

Custom is a word that permeates Crestron products because it is a big part of what differentiates Crestron from other solutions. With the Horizon keypads, it starts with button configurations. You can have large buttons and smaller buttons, and combine them on the same pad. You can have rocker switch buttons that are horizontal or vertically laid out. You can have keypads that are single-gang (covering one standard electrical wall plate) to 4-gang sizes to include the control needs of a large area. The buttons are designed to give you the tactile feel of, well, a real button – because sometimes that feel works better for some people than a touchscreen.

Continuing with customizability, Crestron also values aesthetics, because they have extensive experience in the very highest end of homes. The Horizon keypads come in a wide range of colors and materials that look and feel luxurious, including wood, marble, and leather appearance. The keys are not only backlit but they can also be backlit with a spectrum of colors. Crestron even offers a further customization service for trim pieces to match your décor and can fabricate trim from materials like wood, metal, marble, and engineered stone.

Powerful Control and Automation

The real advantage or Horizon keypads is the power of the home automation system to which it connects. If you want one button on the keypad to turn on your outdoor spa to 95 degrees, light up your patio and landscape with soft lighting, turn on the outdoor fireplace, play a relaxing “spa” playlist on your outdoor speakers, and turn everything off by midnight – that’s all easily accomplished. And that’s just one example. Horizon keypads can combine custom control for a variety of scenes and devices for lighting, entertainment, motorized window treatments, climate control, and more – both indoors and outside..

If you are a current Crestron home control customer, you may want to consider upgrading to the smart new Horizon keypads to add a new dimension to your system. If you aren’t, and you haven’t yet explored the power of custom home automation for your Alpharetta residence, Georgia Home Theater would like to show you all the options.

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