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Articles tagged with: Smart home automation

3 Home Automation Trends to Watch in 2021

These Accelerating Trends Will Go into Warp Speed

3 Home Automation Trends to Watch in 2021

Home automation, smart homes, connected devices: whatever you might want to call this set of technologies, they are as inexorable a trend as the smartphone revolution. Scarcely a day goes by without another smart device introduction from companies large and small.

Since it’s the beginning of the year, it’s always a good time to make some fearless prognostications on what will be big in home automation for 2021. But we're not going to take big chances on predictions in this blog; the trends we see are already here and will accelerate even more sharply in 2021. What are they, and how might they affect your Atlanta, GA home? Keep reading below.

Understanding the Art and Science of Residential Lighting Design

Lighting Design Is More than Mere Illumination

Understanding the Art and Science of Residential Lighting Design

Lighting should be an integral part of home design. Interestingly enough though, it is often an afterthought. Sometimes lighting design is relegated to a line item as an allowance in an overall construction budget.

Lighting design is both art and science. Established guidelines exist to calculate illumination needs for a given space based on square footage and other considerations. But that aspect may not cover the objectives for the aesthetics or overall feel of a room. You can light it up so there’s plenty of light, but it doesn’t mean it will be right, in much the same way one can fill a room with expensive furnishings but not achieve the goal of a well-designed and sorted space.

Great residential lighting design is both art and science. Read on to learn more about how good lighting design can elevate your Buckhead, GA home.

Create Inspired, Healthy Interiors with Ketra Lighting

Discover the Subtle Delights of Tunable Lighting

Create Inspired, Healthy Interiors with Ketra Lighting

In the not so recent past, tunable lighting was simply not a possibility. As we've discussed on these pages, tunable lighting refers to the ability to control the color temperature of a light source. With incandescent or fluorescent (including compact fluorescent) lighting fixtures, color temperature was fixed - you could get a cool white or warm white bulb of a specific color temperature. If you wanted color, you could get that, but that bulb would forever glow that same color too.

Tunable lighting introduces tremendous new flexibility for the lighting in your home. Science has shown that our bodies react to different light, and it regulates our rhythms, with bright white light providing energy and focus while dimmer, warmer light promotes relaxation and leads to more restful sleep. Beyond wellness, tunable lighting brings aesthetic benefits to your home as well.

When it comes to tunable lighting, one brand stands above the rest. Ketra is the pioneer in tunable LED lighting, and now as part of lighting leader Lutron, forms the most complete and technically advanced tunable lighting solution. Keep reading to learn more about Ketra lighting and how it can enhance your Marietta, GA home.

Love Ultra-Modern Design? You Will Love the New Lutron Palladiom Shade Finishes

Lutron Palladiom Powered Shades are the Epitome of Contemporary Style

Love Ultra-Modern Design? You Will Love the New Lutron Palladiom Shade Finishes

We firmly believe that motorized shades are the kind of thing that once owned, you cannot live without them again. Besides the sheer convenience of using a button or a voice command to set up your window treatments just the way you want them for natural light, they can be a significant part of your energy-saving toolset.

In the past, we've discussed the many advantages of motorized shades, from the luxury to security aspects. And we've waxed poetic over our favorite motorized shades, those from Lutron. Whether you choose from one of three Lutron shading control systems or any of the hundreds of styles and types, you can't go wrong with Lutron.

If you're a fan of sleek, minimal, and modern, you will likely gravitate to Lutron's Palladiom shading line. Keep reading below for stylish new options for Lutron Palladiom shades and controls, and visit us in our Marietta showroom to learn more about all of Lutron's solution for managing light in your home.