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Three Mistakes to Avoid in Your Smart Home Interior Design

Don't Assume Anything

Three Mistakes to Avoid in Your Smart Home Interior Design

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “when you assume, you make …” We know you know the rest. And when it comes to a smart home, you’d be wise to remember this one. A smart home, after all, is not just about stuffing some smart electronics in it to control things like lights, window treatments, and entertainment. Technology needs to coexist with your interior design. And you should not leave that part to chance, as we know of too many costly mistakes when that happens. 

What shouldn’t you assume is being addressed in your smart home interior design? Here’s what you’ll want to avoid in your Atlanta, GA, smart home. 

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Get Everyone Talking

Smart homes can get complex, involving a significant amount of infrastructure and integration with a home’s design and decor. Imagine this: You and your interior designer have the perfect piece of artwork and finish for a specific wall. Your smart home integrator thinks that wall is ideal for a home control touchpad. If no one is talking to each other, something might have to get redone. The artwork may move elsewhere, the wall finish and an accent light might need a redo, and the control touchpad will end up in a less convenient location. Or you can get all the stars to re-align, but only after you pay more for several things to be redone. Avoid that by ensuring your designers, builders, and smart home integrators are all on the same page from the start.

Understanding Your Options

The last thing you want is to find out something new just after your smart home is complete. Did you know about the Lutron Alisse keypads that would have been perfect for your decor instead of the plain ones that were installed? Did you know that you could hide the large TV in the family room behind motorized artwork? You can’t rely on your interior designer alone to understand all the options for AV technology or lighting control. The smart move is to choose a smart home integrator and involve them early in your project. You’ll avoid the “I wish I knew that a few months ago!” feeling. 

Expressing What You Want

Don't assume that your designers and installers know exactly what you want. If you're not specific, they might make certain assumptions. And you know what happens when you assume. Be as clear as possible with your smart home design requirements. If you want a screen size in your home theater, say so. You may have to do some additional infrastructure for something outsized or special, but done with proper planning, it can happen. Of course, you may not know everything you might want, so ask about your options. 

For example, you may like your whole home audio speakers in the ceiling to match your recessed lighting, or you may want them to be completely invisible and finished over. Did you know that both of these options are possible? But to make it happen, you'll need to coordinate between your designer, smart home installer, builder, and perhaps specific trades too. 


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