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GHT Group partners with professional lighting designers in Santa Rosa Beach and the Florida Panhandle to offer the best in custom home lighting solutions.

The Lighting Designer’s Guide to a More Radiant Kitchen The Lighting Designer’s Guide to a More Radiant Kitchen

Best Practices to Make Your Kitchen Shine

What’s the most important room in the home? For most people, it tends to be the kitchen. Indeed, when many people are buying a home, the kitchen is the space that can make or break the decision. Kitchens are the hub of the modern home, where the family gathers to prepare food, eat, do homework, discuss plans, entertain friends, and just about anything else. 

What can make or break a kitchen? It can be many things, from space and layout to cabinets and appliances. And one thing can affect the way you see all of those important aspects – lighting. The right lighting can make even an average kitchen punch way above its weight, while poor lighting can let down a great one. That’s why lighting designers place a special focus on kitchens because they are such multifunctional and important spaces. 

Want to learn more about the best practices for kitchen lighting in your Santa Rosa Beach, FL home? Please keep reading!