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3 Trends That Are Changing Home Surveillance as We Know It 3 Trends That Are Changing Home Surveillance as We Know It

A Modern Security Camera Installation Offers More Advanced Features Than Ever Before

It’s exciting to see how much surveillance technology has advanced since the early days of security cameras when an intruder’s face was hardly recognizable through the grainy, blurry footage. Today, a security camera installation includes crisp, high-definition video resolution, night vision, motion sensors, and other features that help you keep an eye on your Atlanta, GA home 24/7.

We expect to see even more technological advancements in residential security cameras in the coming years. Keep reading to learn three trends that are redefining home surveillance!

5 Things to Know About Installing Home Security Cameras 5 Things to Know About Installing Home Security Cameras

No. 1 - They’re Not All the Same

Once upon a time, security cameras in residences were something you’d only see in very high-end properties. If you’re reading this, you likely are familiar with many brands of consumer security cameras like Nest, Ring, Arlo, and more. The high-end systems are still there, and they generally provide more surveillance features than the typical consumer products.

Why install security cameras? The primary driver tends to be for safety, but with modern advanced features, there are many other good reasons to have them. The latest models can detect motion and sound, can see in the dark, and can even discern between cars, animals, and humans. Your security cameras can help keep an eye on pets and kids, and also check in with elderly family members at home.

Features abound in both consumer and professional-level products. What should you look for in the security camera installation for your Atlanta, GA home? Read on to learn more.