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Smart Security

We, at GHT Group, know that keeping your home and family safe is your No. 1 priority. Whether you’re leaving for a week or are heading out of town for even just a day, you can ensure your property in Atlanta or Rosemary Beach, FL, is kept in good care with a smart home security solution. Imagine having to ability to check in on your home’s status by just pulling out your smartphone or laptop. While you’re home or far away on a much-needed vacation, you can view live surveillance footage or scroll through recorded video clips on your smart device of choice. With a push of a button, arm your alarm and security systems or set your lighting system to “away” mode so it mimics occupancy. You can flood an outdoor area with lights when movement is detected, or make sure that all the doors are locked – and then easily go back to visiting with friends and family. With smart home security, a stress-free trip is guaranteed every time.

Alarm Systems

The right alarm system gives you peace of mind and the knowledge that your home and family is in safe-keeping always. No matter the occurrence, you can receive an immediate notification to your smart device when any form of activity goes down on your property. You set the controls and limits. Have the lights flash and alarms blare if a door is opened or window is broken into. The instant your alarm is triggered, you’ll receive a push alert so that you can evaluate the situation and take quick action, if necessary. A push of a button and your alarm system is set and ready to protect your home while you’re sleeping in bed or across the country. Forget to turn on the alarm system as you head out of your house? Not a problem. Just use your control application on your smart device to arm your system with just the tap of a button from anywhere with an internet connection – whether it’s from your living room couch or from a hotel bed thousands of miles away.

Video Surveillance

Check in on your home from anywhere, at any moment – and in real-time – with high-definition video surveillance. With security camera installation, you can capture every angle and corner of your property, whether it's in Alpharetta or Vinings, GA, or Santa Rosa Beach, FL. From the same smartphone or tablet you use to turn on your lights or your TV, you can watch live camera footage, skim through recorded clips, see who’s ringing your doorbell, and take a look at your house’s perimeter. Easily pan, tilt, or zoom in on any area of your home through your strategically-placed smart surveillance cameras. Integrated video surveillance allows you to also quickly evaluate any threat to your property’s safety. The instant you receive a push alert about an alarm trigger, follow up with live camera footage to evaluate whether police need to be alerted.



Driveway Sensors

Imagine this scenario: You’re driving home from the grocery store on a cold, winter evening after a storm. It’s dark, there is black ice lining the driveway and the pathway to the front door, and your family is carrying groceries back inside. What if your smart home security system could make things just a touch easier for you, without facing the danger of slipping and falling? With integrated driveway sensors, you don’t even need to press a button to welcome you home. Once your sensors detect your car has entered your driveway, pathway lights will illuminate your way to the front door while your front door automatically unlocks and lights within your home turn on, leading you and your family to the kitchen. Your home in the Florida Panhandle, Buckhead, GA, or East Cobb County isn’t immune to the elements. But a smart home security solution can help make managing them a bit safer for your family.

Remote Access

You’ll never have to be halfway to a destination only to wonder – did you turn arm the security system and lock the doors? With remote access to your home security system, you can manage your entire setup from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Every feature of your security and surveillance system will be at your fingertips from anywhere in the world.  Check on your own whether doors and windows are secured or whether the kids have made it home safely, or receive an automated push notification whenever an alarm goes off, a door is left ajar, or if there’s a drastic temperature change or detection of a water leak. Remote monitoring allows you to always check in on your home, even when you’re not there.

Automated Door Locks

Keys can be a hassle. Not only is it annoying to find the correct one every time, but if you perhaps forget as you leave the house, there is no way to easily secure your Atlanta-area home without turning around and wasting precious hours of your day. Automated door locks make living a keyless life a breeze. Not only will you have the simplicity of entering a passcode to enter your home, but your system can also detect when someone enters or leaves the house and what passcode he or she used.  Receive a notification when the kids get back from school or if your neighbor is checking in on your pet while you’re away. Keep wine cellars and valuables secure by installing smart locks on interior doors. Even use your smartphone or tablet to check the lock status of each door and remotely secure your entrances, as necessary. There’s a door lock for every type of need – and plenty of style options, so you don’t ever have to sacrifice your personal interior design preferences.



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