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Articles tagged with: Coastal Source

Why a Professional-Grade Solution Is Best for Outdoor Lighting

Solutions like Coastal Source Are Designed to Last Longer and Perform Better Than Off-the-Shelf Products

Why a Professional-Grade Solution Is Best for Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an excellent solution to add safety, entertainment value, and curbside appeal to your home in Sandy Springs, GA. And if you’re interested in dressing up your home’s exteriors and landscape, you’ve probably seen several options for DIY lighting systems in stores.

It’s worth pointing out that off-the-shelf systems have various flaws and limitations compared to professional-grade solutions sold by an outdoor lighting company. Professional-grade products from a brand like Coastal Source are designed and built to last longer and perform better than mass-produced systems in stores. While purchasing a professional solution and installation is more costly upfront, it’s a better investment in the long term. Keep reading to learn why.  

Looking for Creative Ways to Dress Up a Drab Home Exterior?

Add These Unique Fixtures to Your Landscape Lighting Design

Looking for Creative Ways to Dress Up a Drab Home Exterior?

Demand for home remodeling has soared around the country over the last several months, unsurprisingly. As homeowners stay put amid the ongoing pandemic, they’re finding new ways to improve the comfort, entertainment, and style of their dwellings.

If you’re one of many homeowners in Dunwoody, GA that’s partaking in home renovation projects, don’t forget about your outdoor living spaces. A professional landscape lighting design complete with unique fixtures from Coastal Source can transform your yard from bland to grand!

As Metro Atlanta’s leading home lighting designer, we can dress up your exterior living spaces with decorative landscape light fixtures that not only extend your style to the outdoors but improve the safety of your spaces and add value to your property. Get inspired by exploring four out-of-the-box Coastal Source landscape lighting fixtures below.

Enhance Your Stay-at-Home Experience and Safety With Lighting

Beautify Your Buckhead Home with a Landscape Lighting Installation

Enhance Your Stay-at-Home Experience and Safety With Lighting

Note: We originally wrote this blog in 2018, long before anyone started talking about this novel coronavirus that affects so many lives now. Now more than ever, it feels relevant to discuss how we can make our outdoor spaces more enjoyable for our families. And when this pandemic passes, we will finally get to enjoy our outdoor lighting and video with extended groups of people once again.

Many people know about Coastal Source’s many outdoor audio options but don’t know that it’s also a premier home lighting design provider. In this blog, we’ll remind you of the beauty and functionality built into outdoor lighting and why you should prioritize it for your Georgia home. You’ll learn how a Coastal Source system can highlight your architecture so that passers-by can appreciate it on their nightly walks through the neighborhood. You’ll also discover why lighting control is a key safety feature. Keep reading to explore why lighting and audio are even more important today than when we originally wrote this article.

Enjoy Your Time at Home With Outdoor Sound System from Coastal Source

Your Music Can Sound As Good – Or Even Better - Outdoors

Enjoy Your Time at Home With Outdoor Sound System from Coastal Source

Spring is here in the Atlanta area.  While our winters are fairly mild, we all look forward to spending time outdoors.  In the South, you can beat the humid heat on a lazy Sunday by floating or frolicking in the pool.  Or perhaps you just like relaxing on a chaise, in the shade, with a good book and a sweet iced tea. Think that sounds enjoyable? Just add music to elevate this experience to the mental retreat we all need now.

We originally wrote this popular blog article during a much more pleasant time, the summer of 2018, before anyone talked of this new coronavirus. The current COVID-19 pandemic, which has afflicted much of Northwest Georgia, casts a shadow over even this outdoor merriment. However, if we’ve learned anything these past few weeks, it’s how therapeutic our outdoor time can be after being cooped up indoors all day.

Whether you’re spending time chilling with pets and family on your patio or getting some exercise in your pool, everything feels more enjoyable when you add music. However, simply adding any speakers you find on Amazon Prime isn’t enough. You’ll need Atlanta’s premier AV installer to help you choose and install the best speakers for your patios, yards and pools.