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Making Home Upgrades This Spring? Consider Outdoor Speakers, Too.

Make Your Backyard the New Home Entertainment Destination

Making Home Upgrades This Spring? Consider Outdoor Speakers, Too.

It’s April, the taxes are done, the weather in Atlanta is comfortably warm, and our thoughts are turning to the outdoors. Of course, it’s also a time when we want to spruce up our outside areas as well. We’ll uncover the patio furniture, plan for the landscapers to plant annuals, prune the rose bushes, mulch the beds, and get the patios power-washed. When it's all cleaned up and ready, we admire the result and think of what else might make the outside spaces even more inviting.

Chances are you have an outdoor grill on your patio, and perhaps it’s built-in. Maybe you have an outdoor kitchen. If not, now is the perfect time to install one just in time for summer barbecue season. Are you thinking about a swimming pool to beat the humid Georgia heat? There’s still time before summer hits.

Regardless of what improvements you have planned for your outdoor living spaces, you should consider one upgrade that will enhance any of your activities - adding music. With an outdoor speaker system in your Roswell-area patio, you will make all your swimming, lounging, sunning, entertaining and grilling activities that much more enjoyable.

Read on for some ideas to enhance your outdoor space - and if you already have outdoor audio, you may want to upgrade it!

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Design the Killer Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor grilling is great, but having a full outdoor kitchen is even better. Imagine enjoying a balmy evening enjoying grilled food with friends and family. While you cook, you can enjoy music with sound quality that rivals your indoor system. Speakers from Canadian HiFi company Paradigm brings detailed, powerful sound outside. In your covered outdoor kitchen, you can put high-performance Paradigm Stylus speakers on the walls or under eaves for your favorite tunes while you prepare your meal.

To add even more fun, why not integrate a bar into your outdoor kitchen space? That way, the family or friends can enjoy a beer and hang out with you while you grill and cook; maybe they’ll even help. Outdoor speakers will provide just the right soundtrack. A bar is also the perfect place for an outdoor TV to keep you and the gang entertained catching a Braves game. Of course, you can pipe the sound through the outdoor speakers and make sure you don’t miss a single pitch.

Blanket your Landscape with Music

Another top brand that we carry is Coastal Source, which specializes in high-performance speakers that will blanket your backyard with HiFi quality sound. Their Bullet speakers can hide in your garden beds along with buried subwoofers. The Omni speaker is a versatile speaker that can radiate audio in a 25-foot area. Both of these can be mixed and matched across your gardens and areas to provide full sound coverage. If you like visible speakers, the Coastal Source Bollard line combines artful design with the type of performance you get from indoor high-end tower speakers.

Regardless of the type of speaker or brand you choose, you can be confident that they have been engineered for the specific requirements of outdoor environments and can withstand the elements. Your outdoor speaker system is an investment that should last you for many years.

Georgia Home Theater can create the perfect outdoor speaker and entertainment system for any outdoor space here in the Roswell area. Fill out our online contact form to schedule a complimentary consultation, or click the chat button below to immediately connect with us.

We look forward to working with you!

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