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Looking for a home automation services partner in the Marietta, GA area? Georgia Home Theater can help. Find out more information on this page.

3 Home Automation Services to Ensure Your Home Runs Glitch-Free 3 Home Automation Services to Ensure Your Home Runs Glitch-Free

Home Automation Systems Need Tune-Ups Too

We are all familiar with things that require routine maintenance. Cars may be the first to come to mind. Oil changes, lube, tune-ups, tire rotations, and other items are standard services that all vehicles need. OK, so electric cars don't need oil changes, filters, or spark plugs, but they require other maintenance too. Closer to home, HVAC systems and other functions need routine maintenance for optimal performance.

Home automation is an increasingly popular upgrade to today’s homes. Homeowners enjoy the many benefits of lighting control, motorized shading, HVAC control, unified AV systems, and integrating all of these through smart home automation systems.

Do home automation systems need maintenance? Should you seek out companies in Marietta, GA (like us) that specialize in home automation services to "tune-up" your system? What services could possibly be needed with some electronics and software? The answers below might surprise you.

Georgia Home Theater Product Review: Séura Smart Mirror Georgia Home Theater Product Review: Séura Smart Mirror

Invigorate Your Morning Routine with This Innovative Smart Home Device

This blog has now been updated; you can view this updated post here.

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When was the last time you got ready in the bathroom without your smartphone by your side? These devices have become ingrained in our routines, but checking your e-mail or social media feeds can be a clunky experience when you’re brushing your teeth or applying makeup.

What if you could stay engaged with your technology while you prepare for your day, though? The Séura Smart Mirror offers homeowners in Marietta and throughout the Metro Atlanta area that opportunity.

Read on to learn more about the exciting features of this sophisticated technology and how our home automation services can help make the addition of this exciting product to your home a simple task.