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Articles in Category: Surround Sound System – Smyrna, GA

GHT Group offers home theater and surround sound system design and installation in Smyrna and the metro Atlanta area. Visit our Marietta showroom today. 

Three Ways to Get the Best Performance from Your Surround Sound System

Immersive Surround Sound Takes Careful Setup and Calibration

Three Ways to Get the Best Performance from Your Surround Sound System

You might think that great surround sound is easy. Just buy the system, set it up, and presto, incredible surround sound. Admittedly, there are some soundbars and system-in-a-box solutions that will give you decent surround sound from movies and shows. On the other hand, you’re not likely to get that visceral, blown away feeling from any of them. 

For truly stellar, immersive, “OMG, that's so incredible!” sound like you’ve only experienced at the best movie theaters, you need a real, full surround sound system with separate components and speakers. Even then, you still won't be blown away unless it's properly set up. Keep reading to learn more about three areas that merit special attention when setting up a surround sound system.