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As a certified Crestron dealer, GHT Group has the scoop on the latest tips, trends and solutions in Crestron home automation and entertainment. Learn more here.

Crestron Brings a New Level of Sound Quality to Whole-Home Audio

IP Audio Distribution Keeps Sound Quality Pristine

Crestron Brings a New Level of Sound Quality to Whole-Home Audio

Aside from the continuing popularity of vinyl records, the world of audio went digital years ago. It started with the CD, moved into computers, audio players epitomized by the iconic iPod, and ultimately into internet streaming. Sound, however, is an analog wave, and in many systems, that final step of delivering sound to the speaker is still analog.

In whole-home audio systems, depending on the cabling setup, the system might have speaker wire emanating from a central point to speakers in many rooms and even outside. In those configurations, distances must be considered as the signal can degrade over very long runs. Different connections and cabling might be made to move amplifiers closer to the speakers in some of those cases.

Digital audio, when routed over wiring like standard ethernet cable, does not degrade over distance. Bits are bits, and if all the bits don't make it over to where they're going, network protocols check for that and ensure that missing bits get sent. Digital audio can be sent over any distance without affecting sound quality. That makes distributing audio digitally ideal for whole-home audio, especially in very large homes and properties.

As a longtime Crestron dealer, GHT Group has significant experience with the company’s digital audio and video distribution solutions in both the residential and commercial spaces. We’re excited that Crestron is bringing flexible IP audio distribution to your Duluth, GA home with unprecedented scalability and usability. Keep reading to learn more about the new DM NAX matrix amplifier for whole-house audio.

3 Ways Crestron Addresses Today’s Most Popular Smart Home Trends

Crestron Continues to Set the Bar for Smart Home Innovation

3 Ways Crestron Addresses Today’s Most Popular Smart Home Trends

Crestron is a company with a long history in home and commercial automation and is universally recognized as a pioneer and innovator in the space. But today, a myriad of options exist in smart home technology, from DIY solutions to other professionally installed systems.

Using its expertise in both residential and commercial settings, Crestron has continued to innovate in smart home systems. In particular, three highly sought-after features in today's homes – home offices, video conferencing, and whole-home media systems – play perfectly with Crestron's expertise in all these areas in the commercial space.

As a leading Crestron dealer in Kennesaw and the Metro Atlanta area, GHT Group recommends Crestron solutions for sophisticated homes that demand solutions with commercial-quality performance. Let’s take a closer look at three popular areas where Crestron solutions excel.

Dress Up Your Interiors with Crestron Motorized Shading Solutions

And Enjoy Precise, Quiet, One-Tap Control of Natural Light for Years

Dress Up Your Interiors with Crestron Motorized Shading Solutions

Crestron is a momentous name in home automation, but we probably don’t have to tell you that. What you may not know is that Crestron also offers many other smart home technology products that transform the way you live and manage your home. A perfect example: Crestron motorized shades.

Crestron motorized window treatments are world-class, with options in style and functionality for any luxury Canton home. From minimalistic roller shades to dramatic draperies and everything in between, you won’t have to sacrifice your personal tastes for smarter window treatments.

Add that missing touch to your interiors with Crestron motorized shades and enjoy wide-ranging options in style and control. As a certified Crestron dealer, we can help. Get inspired below!