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Crestron: The Pinnacle of Smart Technology Systems for Atlanta & Florida Properties

Since 1972, Crestron has paved the way for scalable and sophisticated smart technology systems that enhance the way people live. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner (or both), a Crestron system gives you complete authority over your property through a few taps on a screen. Designed and manufactured in America, Crestron pushes the boundaries of innovation and provides 24/7 global service and support to its customers. Its hardware, software, engineering, and design includes everything you need to integrate lighting, security, AV, shading, and communication technology. And as a leading Crestron dealer in Atlanta, GA, Rosemary Beach and the Destin, FL areas, GHT Group can craft a custom Crestron solution for your home or business.

You’ll find Crestron automation systems in every type of building worldwide. Luxury homeowners elevate the appearance, comfort, and efficiency of daily life with Crestron Home. Corporate offices maximize productivity with Crestron’s boardroom and conferencing solutions, making videoconferencing, lecture recordings, and meeting room scheduling straightforward. Its marine solutions allow an elegant, connected lifestyle on yachts, from control of audio-video to the integration of navigation systems. And in hospitality settings, Crestron makes it easier to craft a breathtaking experience for visitors and a simplified process for staff and management. Is a Crestron installation just what you need at your home in Atlanta, GA, WaterSound, FL, or the Destin area? Continue reading to find out.

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Crestron Home

If home is where we feel our best selves, Crestron Home emphasizes that sentiment by creating an appealing and relaxing atmosphere. Group all of your speakers, screens, lights, shades, and more into rooms that automatically adapt throughout the day. Smart shades will lift in the morning to reveal golden sunrises and lower when sunlight directly hits your furniture and artwork. They’ll rise again just in time for the sunset, and lower for nighttime privacy. Embrace the seasons and every kind of weather in your home, as the thermostat will automatically respond when you say, “It’s too hot” or “too cold,” and dark winter months are made brighter with tunable lights. Your Crestron lighting automatically adjusts in color temperature and brightness so you can bring natural lighting indoors. Crestron Home is instantly responsive to the sound of your voice and is compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Whether you’re remotely unlocking the door for the dog walker, checking security cameras from across the globe, or ensuring you secured the house before leaving for work, Crestron’s security integration will give you endless peace of mind.

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Crestron-Manufacturered Products

Crestron not only creates smart systems to connect existing devices, but also manufactures its own smart technology products that will transform the way you manage your household or business. Crestron shades feature its own exclusive Quiet Motor Technology, resulting in a silent operation with one-touch control. The Horizon dimmers and keypads by Crestron power your lights with custom buttons like ‘Good Morning,’ ‘Good Night,’ and ‘Relax,’ shifting the ambiance of your home in a moment. Crestron’s in-wall and in-ceiling speakers offer robust audio quality while discreetly blending into the room’s design. Crestron’s devices touch on every aspect of the smart home—door lock accessories, thermostats, keypads, remotes, touch screens, and more. Crestron has all the tools to elevate any house or business in Atlanta, GA, or the Florida Panhandle.

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Commercial Solutions for Every Kind of Business

You’ve heard the saying, “It’s not personal; it’s business.” With Crestron, it’s both. It helps businesses of every walk of life tailor the way they operate technology and streamline operations. Whether you manage an office building, hotel, university, hospital, department store, or public space, Crestron control systems and products function like a virtual assistant. Modify the entire property’s lights in one tap or schedule each floor’s shades to lower at the same time each day. In corporate settings, Crestron’s collaborative technologies and wireless presentation systems make connections between clients and partners swifter and without technical difficulties. Its building management systems make every room and floor easier to administer. Crestron has partnered with big names like Microsoft, Zoom, Intel, Logisource, and Apple to make the work week a breeze for everyone.

Elevate Your Home or Business with Crestron Solutions

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