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GHT Group is a leading Control4 home automation integrator in the metro Atlanta, GA area. As a Control4 Pinnacle Dealer, we have everything you need in smart home technology.

How Control4 Gives You Effortless Command of Your Home

3 Ways a Control4 Smart Home System Makes Life More Luxurious

How Control4 Gives You Effortless Command of Your Home

Smart home control is all about seamless and comprehensive integration. It’s not enough to have one remote that controls the AV system in your home theater. If you really want to live in a smart home, everything should be connected to one robust home automation system. By tapping an icon on a smart touchpad, you should be able to control the lights, surveillance cameras, home audio and video, and every other smart home technology.

Control4 is a leading provider of advanced home automation systems. They help homeowners enjoy one-touch command of every connected technology in their homes. In this blog, we’ll focus on three of the most impressive ways you can enjoy a Control4 home in Atlanta, GA. Keep reading for all the details.

What Can’t Control4 Home Automation Do?

Not Much – Here Are Five Fun and Useful Smart Automation Ideas

What Can’t Control4 Home Automation Do?

We love smart home technology, and it shows. Our blog is chock full of articles on the latest in audio, video, and home technology devices and solutions.

As a longtime Control4 Pinnacle dealer and integrator in the metro Atlanta area, we’ve also extolled the virtues of Control4 smart home systems. The company can't be beaten when it comes to easy to use and configurable systems that can automate and orchestrate thousands of intelligent devices from many vendors.

And while we’ve covered much of the basics of what you can do with smart lighting, shading, AV, and more, we’ve thought of a few more ideas that can make home automation genuinely useful in daily life. Read on for five things you may not have known home automation could do. If this sparks some ideas about what you can do in your home, that’s the intent!