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What Can’t Control4 Home Automation Do?

Not Much – Here Are Five Fun and Useful Smart Automation Ideas

What Can’t Control4 Home Automation Do?

We love smart home technology, and it shows. Our blog is chock full of articles on the latest in audio, video, and home technology devices and solutions. 

As a longtime Control4 Pinnacle dealer and integrator in the metro Atlanta area, we’ve also extolled the virtues of Control4 smart home systems. The company can't be beaten when it comes to easy to use and configurable systems that can automate and orchestrate thousands of intelligent devices from many vendors.

And while we’ve covered much of the basics of what you can do with smart lighting, shading, AV, and more, we’ve thought of a few more ideas that can make home automation genuinely useful in daily life. Read on for five things you may not have known home automation could do. If this sparks some ideas about what you can do in your home, that’s the intent! 


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Get Your TV Game On

Are you a diehard news or sports fan?  With a Control4 system, it's easy to make sure you don't miss anything. For example, when your garage door opens, your smart system will turn on every TV in the house to your favorite channel – CNN (Atlanta homegrown), ESPN, or anything else that you can't stand to miss. When you’ve had enough, you can tell Alexa or Google to shut down the action with a simple voice command. Or hit a button on the specially programmed keypad on your kitchen wall, or whip out your smartphone and do it on Control4’s revamped OS 3 app.

Be Safe

Are you prone to not closing doors? Control4 and sensors can help. If you leave a door open (or a gate or slider) longer than 5 minutes, your system can send you a text alert. You could also get that alert through a smart speaker like an Amazon Echo. If you have kids at home by themselves when they arrive from school, you’ll feel better with this automation.

Always Right Lighting

When the natural light in a room goes lower than a certain level, you can turn up indoor lights, as when a summer thunderstorm darkens the sky. When the sun comes out, the lights can go lower again. It’s easy with light sensors, and you can maintain just the right lighting any time of day and save energy to boot.

Is Somebody There? 

If the scary shower scene from Hitchcock’s classic Psycho has always weighed on you, you will be happy to know about this next automation trick. Your Control4 system can flash the lights in your master shower whenever one of your entry doors is opened. You’ll always know when someone’s home, and never be caught off guard. 

Who’s at the Door? 

When your doorbell rings, Control4 can spring into action. Your speakers can play I Hear You Knocking, display the video from the front door security camera on your TV screen, and turn up your entry light brightly if it’s nighttime. If you’re occupied on the other side of the house, and you’re expecting the visitor, you can unlock the smart lock-equipped door with your smartphone and play Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare to welcome them.

This is just a small sample of things you can do with Control4 smart automation. To learn more, visit our Control4 Certified Showroom in Marietta, contact us here, or click below to quickly connect with one of our Control4 experts. We look forward to working with you!

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