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Enjoy music with high-fidelity speakers that will give you the most accurate sound reproduction. Reach out to GHT Group today to find out more!

Dispelling 4 Common Myths about High-Fidelity Speakers Dispelling 4 Common Myths about High-Fidelity Speakers

Experience Studio-Quality Sound from the Comforts of Home

The audio industry has no shortage of buzzwords, and “high fidelity” is one you may often hear. Perhaps you already know that high fidelity refers to the high-quality reproduction of sound with very minimal distortion. In other words, high-fidelity audio systems reproduce music as close to the original recording as possible so that listeners can enjoy music the way the artists heard it in the studio.

Any music fan deserves a high-quality listening experience when playing their favorite tunes at home. Unfortunately, some homeowners in Vinings, GA may be missing out on such an experience due to persisting misconceptions about high-fidelity speakers. Let’s dispel these myths so that you can truly take advantage of high-performance sound at home.

Three High-Fidelity Speakers You Must Experience Three High-Fidelity Speakers You Must Experience

Explore Three Unique Approaches to High-Fidelity Audio from B&W, Klipsch, and MartinLogan

When it comes to high-fidelity speakers, all the great brands strive to do the same thing – reproduce the sound just the way it was recorded. In reality, all great brands have a certain character they bring to sound reproduction. 

It's not that they change the sound or actively try to do so. It's that they bring different design philosophies and technologies to the speakers they produce. Those design decisions make for different nuances in the sound. But that's what makes hi-fi wonderful – there's tremendous variety in sound presentation. If all speakers of a given size sounded the same, what fun would that be? The right speaker is ultimately the one that just sounds right to your ears.

In this blog, we’ll cover three great speakers from three great speaker companies – Bowers & Wilkins, Klipsch, and MartinLogan. The three that we picked are very close in price and are affordable for the hi-fi audio enthusiast. While not inexpensive, any of these could easily be in your system twenty years from now, because great speakers never go out of style. 

Keep reading to see which of these speakers gets your audio juices flowing in your Dunwoody, GA listening room.

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Product Spotlight - The New Monitor Audio Bronze 6G Product Spotlight - The New Monitor Audio Bronze 6G

Monitor Audio Has Introduced the Sixth Generation of its Award-Winning Bronze Speaker Collection

Monitor Audio is a great British speaker company, much like KEF and Bowers & Wilkins. Unlike those companies, Monitor sometimes flies a little under the radar but is nonetheless quite familiar to most audio enthusiasts.

Last year we were excited to bring in Monitor Audio to our growing stable of high-fidelity speaker brands at GHT Group, in addition to MartinLogan, Klipsch Heritage, and McIntosh. This year, we are very excited to introduce the new Monitor Audio Bronze 6G, which might bring a new benchmark in audio price/performance to your Buckhead, GA living room. 

Read on to learn more about the new Monitor Audio Bronze 6G line.

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Your Guide to Understanding and Selecting Hi-Fi Speakers Your Guide to Understanding and Selecting Hi-Fi Speakers

Learn How High-Fidelity Speakers Can Change How You Experience Music in Your Atlanta Home

For many, listening to music is one of the best pastimes. We all have our favorite artist or band — and for some music enthusiasts, a favorite recording, album, or live set. Listening to music is now easier than ever, with access to various streaming platforms and an extensive amount of downloadable content. Even vinyl is experiencing a resurgence. 

With the rise of accessible music is also the advancement of high-quality audio. High-fidelity speakers are what many music lovers, audiophiles, and home audio enthusiasts opt for when building their home’s stereo system. In this guide, we’ll walk you through what hi-fi is and how it can elevate your listening experience in your Atlanta, GA home.

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