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Looking to Upgrade Your High-End Audio Rig?

Here Are Two Options to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Looking to Upgrade Your High-End Audio Rig?

Some say this is the golden age of audio, and we think they’re right. We cannot think of another time when there were so many options to choose from for great sound. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into the ease of wireless speakers like Sonos or the legendary quality of McIntosh equipment; there is excellent audio quality to be had at every end of the price spectrum.

We've had several blogs featuring various high-end audio products from Klipsch and MartinLogan speakers to turntables and amplifiers.  In this blog, we wanted to highlight a couple of options that deliver the sound quality that any Atlanta audio enthusiast could applaud at two ends of the budget spectrum. As we're talking about hi-fi audio here, budget does not mean inexpensive. As any enthusiast knows, truly great sound does not come cheap.

Of course, these are but two options to get you thinking about your high-end audio upgrade; GHT Group has many others. But these two can start the creative juices flowing!

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Klipsch Heresy IV and McIntosh MTI100

If you want big sound out of a compact system, this one is hard to beat. Klipsch has been on a roll lately, revamping its Heritage speaker line over the past several years to rave reviews from professionals and enthusiasts. The new Heresy IV is a great example. Klipsch stays true to their evolved horn designs, and the Heresy IV shines with a new Tractrix port for improved bass response, a revamped crossover network with AudioQuest cabling, and a tweaked tweeter design that improves the smoothness of the speaker with any genre of music. This is a relatively compact speaker that is easy to drive but provides room-filling, high-fidelity sound.

The McIntosh MTI100 is a unique offering in the world of turntables. Not only is it a high-quality, belt-drive turntable with stunning retro industrial design, it also incorporates a twin-tube preamp section and a powerful 80-watt Class D amplifier. Many enthusiasts like to mate tube equipment to efficient Klipsch speakers for a warm, musical sound, and this turntable brings the punch of a Class D amp with the warmth of a tube preamp. For convenient digital streaming, the MTI100 adds a built-in Bluetooth input, as well as analog and digital inputs for a separate CD player or streamer like McIntosh’s own MB100. The result? Authoritative, nuanced, rich performance from an uncomplicated system that will last you for many years.

Mark Levinson and MartinLogan Neolith

For those with a bigger room to fill with sound, this combination will fit the bill. MartinLogan has long been known for their experience and excellence in electrostatic speakers. Electrostatic designs are difficult to top in terms of soundstage width, depth, and that elusive “air” that they add to music reproduction. Electrostatic designs, however, are not known for bass reproduction, which is why MartinLogan adds cone bass and midrange drivers to deliver full-range sound as few speakers can match.

The Neolith is the ultimate expression of MartinLogan's line, adding a 15-inch rear-firing woofer and a 12-inch midrange to supplement the company's largest electrostatic panel. This 385-pound speaker is built to order and is offered in exquisite furniture-grade finishes. This flagship speaker is not for the faint of heart, but it also doesn't cost as much as a Lamborghini. Nor will this speaker be obsolete in 20 years, either - it is built to last for generations.

What do you pair with high-end MartinLogan electrostatics? Electrostatic speakers crave clean power; the more, the better. At the high end, Mark Levinson is known for purity in design and a commitment to ultimate performance. The 536 Mono amplifier would be a match for a speaker like the Neolith, integrating a fully balanced signal path and packing 400 watts into 8 OHMS (or 800 into 4 OHMS) enough to drive practically any load.  Mate a pair of 536 amps with Mark Levinson’s new 526 preamp, which handles both analog and digital sources with aplomb and a dual-mono design to match the 536.


Naturally, there are many options for high-end audio from all of these great brands. To explore all the possibilities, reach out to us or use our chat box below to connect with one of our audio experts. We look forward to serving you!

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