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How to Rekindle Your Passion for Music With High-Fidelity Audio

Experience the High-Fidelity Sound and Style of Vinyl

How to Rekindle Your Passion for Music With High-Fidelity Audio

With the advent of the CDs and digital music in the 1980s, everyone predicted that vinyl records would go the way of the dinosaur. In fact, with the convenience and longevity of CDs, vinyl records almost did disappear. The next phase of digital technology, the download, begat the iPod and “30,000 songs in your pocket.” The incredible convenience of digital music stored on a portable computer or player made it easy to take all your music anywhere. With streaming music from the cloud, the cycle was virtually complete. You didn’t even have to take your music with you; 40 million tracks are instantly available from the cloud. How many vinyl records can you carry?

The only problem with digital music is that it took away from the physical and focused experience of listening to music. There’s no way to make a playlist out of several records (short of tape or digital recording), so part of the magic of vinyl is listening to an album all the way through, with no skipping, in the order that the artist wanted it. Add to that the tactile experience of reading the liner notes, and the unique photography or custom artwork on the album cover, and the listening experience harkens back to a different time when the world moved much slower.

It seems that the vinyl experience is experiencing a resurgence, and what’s more, a younger generation that grew up in the age of the iPod is buying into it too. At a time when big box stores like Best Buy are ending CD sales, vinyl record sales are up 19% over 2017.

Vinyl isn’t going anywhere. It’s a great way to rekindle your love of music, rediscover old favorites or listen to new ones with the warm, pleasing sound that vinyl uniquely delivers. Along that line, it’s not too late to upgrade the high-fidelity audio setup in your Atlanta home this holiday season with some stylish equipment that will be the envy of your friends.

McIntosh Turntables

For over 60 years, McIntosh has been producing superb high-fidelity components made right here in the USA. Vintage McIntosh components still command high prices from collectors, which is a testament to the equipment’s sound and build quality. McIntosh equipment has always had its own distinctive classic style, which could not be more perfectly suited to the enjoyment of your record collection.

McIntosh makes three turntable models that all offer high fidelity and high style. The MT2 is a more contemporary design, while the MT5 and MT10 feature the traditional McIntosh look with classic knobs and meters. They all feature incredible construction, aluminum tonearms, fine speed control, and full adjustments for tracking angle, anti-skate, and azimuth. Any of these turntables will make your old records sound better than ever, and you’ll fall in love with your new ones.

These aren’t just any audio components; these are McIntosh turntables. They weigh between 39 and 62 pounds, more than most high-end AV receivers! You will want some sturdy, but stylish, furniture to show these off, as well as to house your ever-growing collection. And that brings us to the next item.

Symbol Audio Vinyl Storage

If you have been hiding your record collection in a sideboard or cabinet that wasn’t quite designed for it, liberate it with a custom cabinet from our new partner Symbol Audio. The Aero cabinet program is a great way to get a custom-built piece of furniture that can elegantly showcase your McIntosh turntable and collection. Symbol’s exclusive swivel bins can hold up to 120 albums and make it simple to find the one you want without struggling to keep them from falling over. The cabinets are handcrafted from high-quality woods and veneers and offer thousands of configuration options. They are designed to organize a vinyl collection with the strength, depth, and features to comfortably house your hi-fi preamps, amplifiers, and other components too.

Aside from the Aero line, other Symbol furniture also caters to vinyl aficionados. The Unison Record Stand features solid wood construction, ventilated record storage, and a turntable platform designed to minimize vibration. The Dovetail Vinyl Storage Cabinets sport pull-out file drawers that let you flip through your records in much the same way you do at the record store. English dovetail joinery, leather handles, beautiful finishes, and modular design make it easy to find just the right piece to hold your burgeoning collection.


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