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Articles in Category: Whole Home Lighting Control System – Rosemary Beach, FL

GHT Group specializes in whole-home lighting control and home technology systems,serving Rosemary Beachand the Florida Panhandle. Call us at (850) 529-4743.

What’s It Like to Live with a Whole Home Lighting Control System?

Scenes from a Typical Day

What’s It Like to Live with a Whole Home Lighting Control System?

If you’re expecting a bit of a downer like HBO’s Scenes from a Marriage, we try to keep it upbeat here at GHT Group. Our scenes are all about lighting control, and these scenes will put a smile on your face every time you use them! 

If you’re not familiar with lighting scenes, it’s all about controlling many lights at the same time with the ease of automation. You can do it with the push of a button or even by just arriving or leaving your house. Scenes are the “killer app” of whole-home lighting control systems – if you’ve got your entire house and property automated, the sky’s the limit. Here are four of our favorite ways to use lighting scenes in homes in Rosemary Beach, FL.