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What’s It Like to Live with a Whole Home Lighting Control System?

Scenes from a Typical Day

What’s It Like to Live with a Whole Home Lighting Control System?

If you’re expecting a bit of a downer like HBO’s Scenes from a Marriage, we try to keep it upbeat here at GHT Group. Our scenes are all about lighting control, and these scenes will put a smile on your face every time you use them! 

If you’re not familiar with lighting scenes, it’s all about controlling many lights at the same time with the ease of automation. You can do it with the push of a button or even by just arriving or leaving your house. Scenes are the “killer app” of whole-home lighting control systems – if you’ve got your entire house and property automated, the sky’s the limit. Here are four of our favorite ways to use lighting scenes in homes in Rosemary Beach, FL. 

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Never Arrive at a Dark Home

When you pull up to your driveway, your lighting control system senses you are home (via your phone's location) and turns on a welcoming set of lights. Your garage lights stay on for several minutes to unload your car, the path to the hallway and kitchen are lit, and just the right amount of ambient lighting comes on in your living area. Oh, did we mention the lighting scene can also start some music to welcome you? 

Cooking with Light

You do need good lighting to cook. If you have a myriad of lights from overheads to island to pantry and under-cabinets, you don’t have to go around flipping lights on and then off. Your one-button cooking scene sets all lights up for a well-lit food preparation session. When it’s time to eat, a “Dinner” scene can soften the lights and set a more relaxing ambiance for the meal. 

Enjoying a Show

When you're ready to unwind, your lighting control system is prepared to oblige. Your system can coordinate with your AV control, so the lighting dims when you hit play on the remote. Dim the room lights, leave on some soft lamps or sconces for a little visibility, and light the nearest bathroom and the kitchen as you like for a quick break or snack. If you have motorized shades or window treatments, they can coordinate with lighting control for the perfect blend of lighting in the room, from a little natural light by day to a full blackout for a movie. 

Ready for Rest

When it's bedtime, your bedroom will welcome you with lights in the master bedroom, bath, and closet gently illuminating the area to help you get ready for bed. When you climb into bed, you can activate a "goodnight" scene with a touch on a bedside wall-mounted keypad or a home automation touchscreen, which turns several outdoor lights on for safety and closes your motorized window treatments. All other lights throughout the house shut off save for the ones you prefer as nightlights. 

Ready to see how whole-home lighting control can create beautiful scenes in your home? Contact our Santa Rosa Beach office here or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our lighting experts. We look forward to working with you!