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Enjoy Your Time at Home With Outdoor Sound System from Coastal Source

Your Music Can Sound As Good – Or Even Better - Outdoors

Enjoy Your Time at Home With Outdoor Sound System from Coastal Source

Spring is here in the Atlanta area.  While our winters are fairly mild, we all look forward to spending time outdoors.  In the South, you can beat the humid heat on a lazy Sunday by floating or frolicking in the pool.  Or perhaps you just like relaxing on a chaise, in the shade, with a good book and a sweet iced tea. Think that sounds enjoyable? Just add music to elevate this experience to the mental retreat we all need now.

We originally wrote this popular blog article during a much more pleasant time, the summer of 2018, before anyone talked of this new coronavirus. The current COVID-19 pandemic, which has afflicted much of Northwest Georgia, casts a shadow over even this outdoor merriment. However, if we’ve learned anything these past few weeks, it’s how therapeutic our outdoor time can be after being cooped up indoors all day.

Whether you’re spending time chilling with pets and family on your patio or getting some exercise in your pool, everything feels more enjoyable when you add music. However, simply adding any speakers you find on Amazon Prime isn’t enough. You’ll need Atlanta’s premier AV installer to help you choose and install the best speakers for your patios, yards and pools.

Read the 2018 blog post here!

But there’s one more thing you need to set the right mood.  Whether it’s to frolic or relax, music can set the tone.  And if you’re picky about audio, you don’t want to settle for just mediocre sound outdoors.  You want an outdoor sound system that can rock when you want to, but also play with nuance when you want background music.

We can make that happen. Read on for more.

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Is an Outdoor Sound System Worth It?

With outdoor audio, you don’t have to settle anymore.  You don’t have to settle for inferior sound quality.  You don’t have to settle for speakers that stand out or muddle your beautiful landscape design.  You don’t have to settle for a fiddly system that’s hard to use. You don’t have to settle for speakers that succumb to the ravages of weather after a few short years.

What can you get?  You can get sound that can rival your indoor stereo, or maybe even best it.  You may be surprised to learn that outdoor audio – when done right, by a professional like us – can sound even better than it does inside your home.  Some room layouts or speaker placements can make it difficult to get optimal sound indoors – because of resonances from walls or other objects and the aesthetics of speaker locations.  Outdoors, the speakers we use have flexibility in placement around your space. The result can be an enveloping effect of great music flowing all around you, without walls or other encumbrances.

Our Outdoor Speakers Partner: Coastal Source

Our outdoor speaker partner, Coastal Source, brings both high performance and high style to outdoor audio.  Their patented designs, like the Ellipse Bollards, offer unique 2- and 3-way full range designs.  The 3-way speaker incorporates a subwoofer in its weather-resistant housing for incredible bass from an outdoor speaker.  Besides the superior engineering and build quality, the modern designs add panache to any outdoor area with their beautiful metal finishes and can also be partially buried.

If you don’t want to see speakers at all, Coastal’s Bullet speakers can hide among bushes and gardens and also deliver superb audio quality.  They are unobtrusively designed to look like landscape lights, which Coastal also designs and builds.  Paired with subwoofers that handle the deep bass, this system can easily cover an ample outdoor space with rich sound.

For above-ground installation where perhaps stakes or burial isn’t the best option, rock speakers offer a way to get the same great sound, camouflaged as stone in your landscape.  And all Coastal speakers are designed for many years of service with waterproof materials, stainless steel hardware, and outdoor-specific design and construction to resist weather extremes.

No system will give you pleasure unless it’s easy to use.  If you can operate your smartphone for music from services like Pandora or Spotify, we can make it that easy to hear your music on your outdoor system. Or if you want to integrate it with your indoor setup, we can do that too, and still make it easy to control.

This COVID-19 pandemic has been an undeniably rough time for all of us in the Atlanta area, the United States, and most of the world. However, as we wait it out, we can all do our part to create more pleasant environments for our families to enjoy. A professional Coastal Source installation from the experts at GHT Group can help make these next weeks memorable.


So don’t settle for inferior sound outdoors. You have options.  Fill out our online contact form to schedule a complimentary consultation, or click the chat button below to immediately connect with us.

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