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Use Outdoor Speakers to Create the Perfect Al Fresco Ambiance

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Use Outdoor Speakers to Create the Perfect Al Fresco Ambiance

Want to build a new, fun entertainment space for your home? Don’t worry, you don’t need to build a new addition to your house or embark on a major remodel of your living area.

A great way to add another entertainment zone to your home in Buckhead is to install an outdoor speaker system. Nothing sets a mood and creates an ambiance better than music. Whether it’s for a special event like a milestone birthday, a child’s graduation party, or simply enjoying open-air dining with friends, the right music will set the perfect mood.

To set the outdoor mood, few companies do it better than Coastal Source. From superbly crafted outdoor speakers to elegant outdoor lighting, Coastal Source adds the wow factor to your outside spaces. Read on for some ideas for creating your ideal outdoor entertainment space.

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The Confluence of Design and Technology

Coastal Source selects dealers like Georgia Home Theater for their ability to implement significant projects working with other professionals like architects, landscape architects, and pool designers. Regardless of the size of the project and the team, design is a critical element of any project. Coastal Source has its roots in design-build, emanating from a design firm of designers and architects with a mission to build products that perform brilliantly while also being aesthetically pleasing. In any project we do, we pay the same attention to design, fit, and finish that we do to the technical aspects.

The Coastal Source Ellipse Bollard System

Some speakers need to be turned up to come alive and deliver the nuance of the music. In an outdoor setting, you may not always want to do that. The Ellipse Bollards system, with a 3-way integrated design, is a speaker that delivers rich sound at lower volumes when you want the music to be in the background but can also bring it front and center when you want to get the party started. The built-in 8-inch subwoofer supplies ample bass, and the speakers can be partly submerged in-ground for a subdued look. But you might want these to be seen; the design is modern, artful, and would not look out of place in any contemporary garden. For audio that stays out of sight, Coastal Source Bullet speakers hide in your landscape and gardens, blanketing your spaces with even, tuneful sound.

Plug+Play System

When dealing with outdoor systems that rely on power, Coastal Source realizes the primary reason systems might fail are the connections. The company’s patented Plug+Play system addresses that issue with IP68 waterproof and airtight connectors to ensure your speakers keep playing year after year. This seamless system works for both their outdoor audio and lighting products, making it easy to reconfigure or add to your outdoor setup for new landscaping, constructions, or any other needs.

Service and Warranty

As a certified Coastal Source dealer, we sweat the details with your outdoor speaker installation. We carefully evaluate your outdoor areas for near sounds, far sounds, hard surfaces, and reflective and absorptive surfaces to design the audio system that will work best for your space. Coastal Source also backs their products with some of the industry’s strongest warranties, so you can be sure your outdoor speakers are built to last.

Are you ready to create your own outdoor entertainment zone with Coastal Source speakers in Buckhead? Contact us here to get the Coastal Source outdoor living guide for even more ideas. We look forward to working with you.

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