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4 Reasons Why You Need a Dedicated Outdoor TV

You Don’t Use Indoor Speakers Outside, Right?

4 Reasons Why You Need a Dedicated Outdoor TV

Outdoor TV and audio can add many more hours of pleasure in your outdoor spaces and help you maximize your investment. Yet we at Georgia Home Theater have often wondered why we see outdoor TV installations in the Sandy Springs area and throughout Metro Atlanta use TVs made for indoor use only. We know the primary driver for this is cost.

As an audio-video retailer and integrator, we understand that the prices of flat-panel TVs have come down precipitously, and outdoor models are more expensive, so it might seem like a good decision to use an inexpensive outdoor TV outside. We have just three words for that:

Don't do it.

It's akin to using an indoor electrical extension cord outside and leaving it there throughout the four seasons. You wouldn't do that, right? A quality outdoor TV can be viewed as an investment in your outdoor entertainment, just like the outdoor speakers you may have. Here are all the reasons you need to justify the purchase of a real outdoor TV for your home.

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Heat and Humidity

We all know the summer is hot and humid in Georgia. Standard LED TV models can operate in a temperature range of about 50 to 104 degrees. That doesn't count the effect of sunlight on the TV outside. And even if the heat doesn't get in the way, frigid winter temperatures could affect the TV negatively. A bigger problem is condensation that can build up outside and affect the screen and electronics. Indoor TVs are not very tolerant of high humidity for long periods, just like most indoor electronics.

Pesky Bugs

Insects are a fact of life outdoors, and it’s difficult to control the environment unlike you would inside. Bugs are known to get into TVs through ventilation grates and wreak havoc on electronics; it’s an excellent place for spider webs! Your indoor TV might survive the weather just fine in a covered patio for a while, but it might not last more than its warranty because of bugs.


Even in a covered patio, sometimes things get wet in driving rainstorms. That's why you have quality outdoor furniture made of teak or aluminum and other materials that can get wet. Indoor TVs are not designed to get wet. Driving rain or a stray spray from a garden hose or power washer can do it in. At worst, if it is turned on and it's not dry internally, sparks may literally fly.


Indoor TVs are not made for really bright, sunny areas. So if your patio has a trellis and gets partial sun, your picture may get washed out, ruining the fun. And the sun could overheat it too.

Real Outdoor TVs

TVs made for outdoor use have important differences. Sure, they cost more than their indoor counterparts, but the investment will pay off with a product that will last for years and will work when you want it to. And outdoor TVs are made for outside conditions.

For example, Séura outdoor TVs are an excellent choice. The Ultra Bright series features the latest 4K and HDR technology in sizes from 49 to a whopping 86 inches. One thousand nits of brightness ensure that the TV is visible and sharp even in the bright sun. Just as importantly, their TVs work in a temperature range of -24 degrees  to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you can leave it out all winter and summer.

SunBriteTV is another superior outdoor TV manufacturer. They have models explicitly designed for shade, partial shade, and full sunlight. SunBrite TVs are up to three times brighter than indoor models, and their OptiView technology intelligently adjusts picture settings for daytime and nighttime viewing, so you can enjoy watching with a minimum of fuss. Their full aluminum casing protects against wetness and insects, ensuring that this is a TV designed to be permanently in place outside for many seasons.

If you need even more choice, the Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater is like a weatherproof home theater in a box made for the outdoors. With rain-resistant screens up to 155 inches and a built-in sound system, summer movie nights can all be outdoors. You can even check this one out before you buy at our Marietta showroom.

Hopefully, we've convinced you that indoor TVs should remain indoors and that you should consider Georgia Home Theater for your outdoor TV installation needs in the Sandy Springs area.  

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