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Looking for Creative Ways to Dress Up a Drab Home Exterior?

Add These Unique Fixtures to Your Landscape Lighting Design

Looking for Creative Ways to Dress Up a Drab Home Exterior?

Demand for home remodeling has soared around the country over the last several months, unsurprisingly. As homeowners stay put amid the ongoing pandemic, they’re finding new ways to improve the comfort, entertainment, and style of their dwellings.

If you’re one of many homeowners in Dunwoody, GA that’s partaking in home renovation projects, don’t forget about your outdoor living spaces. A professional landscape lighting design complete with unique fixtures from Coastal Source can transform your yard from bland to grand!

As Metro Atlanta’s leading home lighting designer, we can dress up your exterior living spaces with decorative landscape light fixtures that not only extend your style to the outdoors but improve the safety of your spaces and add value to your property. Get inspired by exploring four out-of-the-box Coastal Source landscape lighting fixtures below.

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Elegant Tiki Torches

Add some flair to your backyard with elegant Tiki Torches. Perfect for pathways or around the pool, Tiki Torches transform your outdoor spaces into a private resort. Coastal Source Tiki Torches feature LED heads, which makes them a safer alternative to gaslit models. They also include a 72-inch riser for stately presentation, and their sealed bulb chambers promise long-lasting enjoyment with little to no maintenance.

Surface-Mount Nose Lights

If you love wall sconce lighting, you don’t have to confine it to the indoors. Coastal Source Nose Lights create a similar effect for your exterior spaces. Install Nose Lights on your pergola, gazebo, or on either side of your back doorway for a subtle illuminance. These low-profile LED fixtures are made of solid brass for superior durability and come in five different finishes to complement any style.

Flexible Lip Lights

Have some hard-to-light areas outside? Lip Lights from Coastal Source are a surefire solution to illuminating tight spots like under railings or along rafters. Lip Lights are also made of solid brass and feature a removable mount bracket to increase their use for small spaces. Use Lip Lights to gracefully brighten step treads, seat walls, accent columns and beams, and more.

Versatile Niche Lights

For places where you desire lighting but fear conventional fixtures would be too intrusive or bright, use Coastal Source Niche Lights instead. These flexible micro fixtures can be placed almost anywhere to add soft light within trees and fountains, on stairways, among your gardens, and more. Available in six trim styles and multiple finishes, Coastal Source Niche Lights are the most versatile fixtures on the market!


GHT Group is your one-stop-shop for landscape lighting solutions and the rest of your home lighting needs. Not only do we offer complete design and installation services for indoor and outdoor applications, but we’re also a full-service electrical company.

For all your lighting renovation projects, enlist the help of GHT Group. Take the next step by contacting us here or using the chatbox below to speak with a team member today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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