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How to Add Drama with Landscape Lighting Design

Elevate Your Home’s Appeal When the Sun Goes Down

How to Add Drama with Landscape Lighting Design

You know what they say: Everything looks better in the right light. We have been known to use a turn or two of this phrase when talking about lighting on these blog pages. Just like photography is all about capturing the image in the right light, lighting can do the same for your home's appearance.

While there's equal parts art and science to interior lighting design, landscape lighting has its tricks, too. Even an average house—not that we're suggesting yours is average—can look amazing with the right landscape lighting design techniques.

Keep reading for the tricks of the trade in landscape lighting design that can make your Johns Creek, GA home the toast of the neighborhood when the sun sets.

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If you have tall trees, consider installing downlights to illuminate the landscape, a winding driveway, or your backyard. With today's LED lighting available in various color temperatures, you can choose warm lighting or the cooler hues of moonlight. Not only does it add beauty, but it adds safety as well.

Accent and Spot Lighting

Add drama to a feature. Even if it’s not spectacular in itself, accent lighting can add excitement at night. It can be an entrance, parts of the driveway, a focal point in your garden, or a unique window. Your imagination is the limit. And our professional landscape designers can bring it to fruition.


Grazing, in this instance, is not about cattle. It's about using lighting close to a unique surface to bring out the detail, whether it's a special door, the bark of an unusual tree, or antique brick in an exterior finish. You can play with light to add a distinctive effect.

Shadowing and Silhouetting

What’s more dramatic than shadows? Use lighting to create shadows with trees or outdoor sculptures. Careful planning of light placement can also yield beautiful silhouetting. Come Halloween; you might get creative with a different silhouette for a scarier but fun effect.

Pool and Fountain Lighting

Don’t miss an opportunity to light any water feature. If you have a pool, use LED underwater lighting that changes color with your mood, the season, or on an automated schedule with smart lighting control. Light up a fountain, or the babbling brook in your garden. The interplay of water and light always adds beauty.


GHT Group offers a full array of lighting solutions indoors or out. From design to installation and electrical services, we are your one-stop-shop for landscape lighting in the metro Atlanta area.  Please visit our Marietta showroom, call us at (770) 955-8909, or use the chat box below to connect with us right away. We look forward to showing you all the options.

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