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Electrical Services for Homes and Businesses in the Metro Atlanta Area

At GHT Group, we’re more than just technology experts. We’re also a full-service electrical company for residential and commercial markets in the metro Atlanta area. From electrical diagnostics to installation, upgrades and repairs, we lay the foundation for the technology in your home or business to ensure your systems run safely, efficiently and effectively.

Our electrical technicians can run cables, clean up the existing electrical system in your home or business, and improve your energy efficiency. Faulty or outdated electrical system? We can assess, troubleshoot and resolve potential issues so that you’re never left in the dark.

By offering both technology integration and electrical services for our customers, we can ensure a more cohesive system design and installation for lighting, security, audio-video and more. Whether new construction or remodel, trust the professionals at GHT Group for all your residential and commercial electrical needs.

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When our electrical installers team up with builders and architects from square one on a new construction project, we can craft unique solutions that offer the coverage you need for all your technology. Running wires, installing breakers, and integrating devices are all essential ingredients for a successful electrical installation! A robust electrical design not only safely and reliably powers all your systems but allows for optimal placement of controls and lights and makes future expansion hassle-free.

Existing construction sometimes requires an electrical upgrade. Our team is experienced in navigating potential issues that may exist in older homes and businesses so that your electrical system is safe, efficient and reliable. Because electrical installation may require some construction, it’s important that you seek out an installer with extensive design experience who knows how to optimize the construction process, minimize costs and incorporate updates to HVAC units, security cameras, lighting and more.

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Successful lighting design is fundamental to enhancing the ambiance and functionality of any area of your home or business. Adequate illumination is not only important for the tasks you take part in at home, but it’s also essential for the operations of any business. Additionally, landscape lighting improves safety and security as well as beautifully highlights architecture to boost curbside appeal.

Our team of professional lighting designers and electrical installers can create a comprehensive lighting system complete with fixtures, custom switching and dimming so that your lighting options effortlessly complement your activities and lifestyle while helping you save energy. We’ll consider all goals and energy efficiency targets for your home or business and deliver a custom electrical plan and lighting system solution that ensures optimal placement for controls and fixtures throughout your spaces.

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Backup power sources are vital for the safety and security of those in your home or business. Whether the power goes out due to inclement weather or an electrical failure, standby generators ensure peace of mind by keeping essential systems such as lighting and security running around the clock.

Our team at GHT Group can custom tailor a generator solution for your home or business based on your needs and budget. Do you want to back up just a few important circuits? Perhaps you want to provide emergency power to your entire home. We partner with Generac to provide turnkey generators that keep your family and business safe and comfortable until power is restored.