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Why Good Landscape Lighting Design Is Important

How Lighting Makes the Most of Your Home After the Sun Goes Down

Why Good Landscape Lighting Design Is Important

Many Roswell homeowners spend significant sums on landscaping for their homes. As fall settles into Georgia and the weather turns, you may be looking at cleaning up your landscape and changing out summer plants for hardier fall and winter varieties, like colorful violas, cabbages, and kales. 

While many homeowners love to do some of their own gardening or have their gardener manage the seasonal changes, surprisingly, not enough attention is paid to the landscape lighting design. In some cases, very little or basic lighting is applied, missing opportunities to add both aesthetic and safety benefits after the sun fades. 

As we move into fall and winter and shorter days, now is the perfect time to consider landscape lighting projects to make the most of the beauty of your outdoor areas. Keep reading to see how. 

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Return Home to Light

Approaching a pitch-black home might be forbidding and a little frightening. Landscape lighting can provide a warm, inviting scene to return to at night. When well designed, lighting also adds drama to your home at night in a way that’s not possible in daylight. Who doesn’t want to return home to that?

Feeling Secure

Just as returning to a dark home is a bit foreboding, looking out over a dark nightscape might be equally so. Landscape lighting can add a safety factor as well as beauty. Your guests will thank you too, as softly lit driveways, trees, and other highlights enhance navigation and safety around your property at night for both driving and walking.

Enjoy the View

If your gardens, lawn, and trees provide a serene view by day, why wasted it at night? Soft lighting that highlights trees, garden areas, and walkways let you enjoy the fruits of your outdoors at night. Isn’t that better than looking out over a totally dark yard? 

Outdoor Ambiance

Some outdoor spaces, like your front lawn and gardens, are more for appearance. In the back, your patios, gardens, and yard are something to be enjoyed. Don't forget your backyard landscape and the role that light can play there too. Create a tranquil scene with a beautiful design, which can even include color lights for gardens and water features. If you have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, you can enjoy your outdoor spaces even in the chillier parts of the Georgia fall and winter while gazing out over your night-time landscape.

Add Value

Great landscape lighting design adds value to your home. Lighting has the singular ability to draw the eye to highlights that might be missed, much like how photographers blur the background on portraits to focus the eye on a face and how the light frames it. The details of your carefully maintained landscape come alive at night with the right illumination. 

GHT Group offers a full array of lighting solutions for all your indoor and outdoor spaces. From design to installation and electrical services, we are your one-stop-shop for landscape lighting in the metro Atlanta area.  Please visit our Marietta showroom, call us at (770) 955-8909, or use the chat box to connect with us right away - we look forward to showing you all the options.

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