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How to Make Your Home Safer with an Integrated Security System

Modern Security is a Team Sport

How to Make Your Home Safer with an Integrated Security System

In the past, security systems and solutions tended to be islands unto themselves. You might have had an alarm system with window, door, and motion sensors that would sound the siren if one of them was tripped, and it might also be monitored by a security company. You might have also had a video surveillance system that looked out over various parts of your property. Those systems were separate, had their own controls, and never communicated.

Today, integrated security systems not only provide more ways to keep an eye on your home and stay safe, but they also do it in concert, giving you many options for safety and controlling access to your Atlanta, GA, home. Let's explore a few elements of integrated security systems below.

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Alarm Systems

The alarm system is still alive and well, only now it’s smarter and connected. If you leave the house and forget to turn it on, you can easily access it on your smartphone and arm it. Better yet, some solutions can do it automatically via geolocation, turning it on (and off) when the system detects you have left the house via your smartphone. Plus, you can look at the status of all door and window sensors and determine that everything is OK. 

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance was once very expensive and limited only to the highest-end homes, but digital technology has made it affordable on any level. Today’s surveillance cameras are also smart, with the ability to detect people, cars, and other objects, as well as night vision to capture movement in the dark. In addition, you can search your footage on your smart device for specific activity or occurrences, and the system can notify you of any movement within your monitored areas. 

Smart Locks

Smart locks are an excellent way of carefully controlling access to your home and knowing who has been in and out. You can forgo keys and grant access through numeric codes or smartphone apps, making it easier to grant temporary access to neighbors and service personnel. You can also be notified when your kids get home from school as they open the door. Smart locks on interior doors are also a convenient way to limit access to spaces like wine rooms and closets with high-value and personal items. 

Smart Lights and Shading

Lighting and shading are popular items in smart homes, and they can also play a role in security and privacy. Program specific lights indoors and out to make your home appear occupied. Raise and lower your shades in concert with lighting for privacy and simulating an occupied home. With remote access to your smart home, you can control them individually or as groups from anywhere with an internet connection, even the beach!

Smart Integration

All your smart systems can work together to keep your home safe. Did you grant temporary access to a service person while you're away on vacation? Have your video camera turned on to record when that person enters the house. Did your refrigerated wine room go to a high-temperature threshold? You can be notified immediately on your smartphone so you can react. How about if your camera monitoring the back patio detects a person moving in the middle of the night? Your system can automatically turn on inside and outside lights to see what's happening and startle a potential intruder.


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