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3 Ways a Lighting Design Company Can Help You

Rethink Your Home Lighting with the Latest Technology and Solutions

3 Ways a Lighting Design Company Can Help You

If you are looking at building a new home or doing some extensive remodeling in Brookhaven, GA, lighting should be one of the high priorities on your list. People often don't pay enough attention to it and settle for standard solutions. The truth is that lighting can be just as much a part of your interior design as wall flooring and countertop materials. 

Some people might work with their builder, architect, interior designer, or electrician – or all of them –for their lighting needs. So what role can a lighting design company play in your project? That’s the subject we’re going to cover here. Please keep reading!

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Understand New Architectural Lighting Options

Modern LED lighting solutions offer a wealth of new lighting opportunities for your new home. We are not just discussing replacing older bulbs with LED ones in your existing "can" recessed lighting. Modern modular lighting systems from companies such as DMF and Tech Lighting offer new avenues for ambient, task, and accent lighting. Other lighting systems, like Lutron’s Ketra, bring dynamic color temperature and more than 16 million .hues to home lighting, creating different atmospheres based on your mood and activities. Low-voltage linear lighting gives you ways of accenting your interior features to make the beautiful features of your home stand out. A lighting design company can show you all these options in detail. 

The Role of Lighting Control

A good lighting solution demands easy management and control, so you can easily set the tone and mood you want with your lighting. A lighting design company works with the latest lighting control and automation systems and can show you not only how you can simplify the management of your lighting but also how lighting can integrate with other smart features like shading, security, climate control, and more. Lighting control can also completely change how you prepare your new home for lighting, as they offer centralized panelized lighting, streamlined management through elegant programmable keypads, and easy remote control through apps on your smart devices. 

See Lighting in Action

It's one thing to talk about lighting; it's another to see it. Want to see how you can change the look and feel of your room through lighting and automation? Our investment in our Marietta showroom can demonstrate some of the possibilities with LED lighting so you can envision how to use it in your home. See how color temperature changes a space, how color lighting can make your artwork pop, and how linear lighting can add pizzazz to a home theater. 

Discover how a lighting design company can work with you and your building team to elevate the quality of your lighting. GHT is your local source in the Metro Atlanta area for the latest architectural lighting solutions. Reach out to us here to get started, or click the chat below to connect with us right away. We would love to help you!