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Did You Know Home Automation Can Do This?

Control More than Lights and Smart Thermostats

Did You Know Home Automation Can Do This?

You might be familiar with some of the most popular ways to make your home smart. Smart thermostats like Nest and Ecobee have been extremely popular with homeowners, and professionally installed options from Lutron and Control4 offer integration with other smart home features, remote temperature sensors, and more. Intelligent lighting is also a top feature in smart homes, offering streamlined and simplified control of a wide array of lights. 

But those aren't the only things you can manage in a smart home. In your Alys Beach home, you likely have a pool. Since it's Florida, ceiling fans are a must. And your home probably has a garage for your car. Did you know that you can include all those in a smart home system? As a professional home automation company, we use systems like Control4 that can integrate and manage a wide array of smart features in your home. Learn more below!

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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are relatively easy to control, especially with a wall switch and/or remote control. But how often do you do more than turn them on and off? Our Control4 home automation systems offer smart switches for ceiling fans. Aesthetically, they already enhance your home with a sleek design and various colors for both buttons and faceplates, but the brains set them apart.

 You can program your fans to turn on and off at specific times and set the speed. If your home automation system detects you're away, you can program them to keep your home cool by running at higher speeds, saving on your air conditioning. When you return, they can go back to more comfortable airflow settings for the room. And these schedules can work together with your thermostat in a coordinated way to increase comfort and efficiency.

Pool Equipment

Pool equipment usually has its own control system for scheduling the pump filter, vacuum cleaner, and heater if you use one. Control4 has specific integrations with some of the most popular pool systems like Jandy and Pentair, offering a single interface for managing water amenities. Under the control of your smart home system, you can set the scene for outside enjoyment. One touch can turn on outside lights, tell your Jandy to warm up the spa, and turn the water features on. Another touch on a control touchscreen or an on-wall keypad can turn everything off. Or put it all on a schedule of your choosing.  

Garage Doors

Do you ever get the feeling you didn’t close the garage door? Banish that thought with home automation. If you're in the house, you can program a button on a wall keypad to close the door and turn any ancillary lights off. If you’re away from home, you can check the Control4 app to see if it's shut and do it with a tap. Thanks to Control4 integration with smart garage doors from companies like Genie, it's a snap. 

Let a professional home automation company like GHT Group show you all the possibilities in home automation for your Alys Beach property. Contact us here or click the chat box below to connect with one of our experts quickly. We look forward to working with you!