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Prepare Your Home for Smart Technology with Prewiring

Building or Remodeling? Make Your Home Ready for Smart Solutions

While much of today’s smart technology operates with wireless technology, many things still need good old-fashioned wiring and cabling. Whether for more reliable networking connections or whole-home audio, prewiring your home will give you the ultimate flexibility for including all the smart solutions you want. Plus, when you do it early in your remodel or build project, you can choose to add things later, even after the home is finished. 

Keep reading below to learn why smart home prewiring is a smart move for your Buckhead, GA home. 

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Wiring Your Network Foundation

It may be a mostly wireless world, but that world still needs support from a few wires. For example, while smart TVs can connect wirelessly to your network, we will still run wired connections to them whenever feasible for faster and more stable connections with streaming 4K video. Your home network also benefits from wireless access points connected via ethernet cabling back to your router. This allows your home and wireless devices to connect to your Wi-Fi network with no dead spots and fast connection speeds. Fast, reliable Wi-Fi enables all your devices to work better and your smart home to respond instantly to your commands. 

Enabling Whole–Home Entertainment

Enjoy music and audio throughout your house or the ability to call up any video source on any TV in the home or even outdoors. Prewiring for speakers allows you to discreetly put any speakers you want in walls and ceilings for superb sound in any room. Don't forget the outdoors, too; it's much easier to run cabling for outdoor speakers before hardscape, pools, and amenities like outdoor kitchens are built. For whole home video, you might upgrade to fiber backbone cabling to enable many sources of ultra-high-definition of audio and video to flow throughout your home. 

Comprehensive Security

Prewiring for security has been a standard process in many homes for years. But smart homes can take that to the next level. You can have the typical sensors for doors and windows for an alarm system, but you can also augment them with more sophisticated security like high-definition surveillance cameras. The best surveillance camera systems run off of ethernet cabling that provides data connectivity to the recorder and power for the camera. With some planning, you can easily prewire all the locations you'll want to monitor before the drywall goes in and outdoor areas too. 

Motorized Window Treatments

While many motorized window treatments can be battery-powered, prewiring for them gives you more flexibility. For example, you can have heavy motorized drapes or ultra-large windows covered that don't work well with battery power. With low-voltage wired motorized shading, you can also enjoy never having to change batteries for your powered window treatments. 


Want to learn more about how prewiring future-proofs your Buckhead home for smart technology? Contact us here or click the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!  

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