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Product Spotlight: Meet Halo, the Newest Remote for Control4 Home Automation

Control4’s Halo Remote Brings Ergonomic Smart Control to Your Home

Product Spotlight: Meet Halo, the Newest Remote for Control4 Home Automation

Touchscreens are hugely popular for home automation and controlling any kind of intelligent device. The reasons are straightforward; screen-based interfaces are easy to customize and can be more intuitive than controls with buttons that might not be labeled clearly. 

However, that doesn’t mean the remote with real buttons is dead. Remote controls with genuine buttons provide a tactile feel that is difficult to duplicate with a touchscreen, and oft-used controls—like a volume key—can be operated without looking once your hand knows where it is. 

Control4 knows this, and they continue to build remote controls that work as well for AV as for smart home control. The newest Control4 home automation remote, the Halo, bridges the best of touchscreens with hard button AV control for a brilliant way to manage your Rosemary Beach, FL, home. Read more about it below!


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Control4 Halo remotes are slim, one-hand remotes that marry a high-resolution color touchscreen with a well-designed button layout for customized AV control. The 2.8-inch touchscreen is ideal for media search, whole-home audio, managing lights, motorized shades, smart locks, and other home automation features. 

Actual buttons for functions like program guides, volume, track skipping, forward/backward, and more makes this a perfect remote for your living area, media room, or home theater setup. It also has dedicated voice control buttons, should you choose to use it. Did we mention the buttons are backlit for easy control in the dark? Plus, dual-band Wi-Fi assures instantaneous response for home automation and AV control. 


The color touchscreen adds an additional level of customization to the smart home experience. You can view favorite devices and scenes up front for easy access. The graphical display is similar to other Control4 touchscreens, so you can see the status of a light, lock, or the temperature at a glance. In early 2023, another version of the Halo remote will omit the numerical buttons for a more streamlined AV remote and a larger 3.2-inch screen for the customizable touch interface. 


The Halo remotes will be available in black or silver finishes, and the brushed aluminum chassis provides a premium look that complements your space. The Halo also offers extended battery life and a finding feature to make it an easy-to-live-with remote that everyone in the family can enjoy using. 


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