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Enjoy the Luxury of Whole-Home Audio with Control4

Control4 Makes It Easy to Hear What You Want, Where You Want

Enjoy the Luxury of Whole-Home Audio with Control4

Are you always listening to something? Is it music while you check on your investments in the home office or a podcast while you cook? Does relaxing on the patio with the sound of nearby ocean waves in the Florida sun demand just the right playlist? 

If there’s a soundtrack for everything you do, you should consider investing in the luxury of a whole-home audio system. A Control4 whole-house audio setup lets you funnel anything you want to listen to in perfect synchronicity all over your Alys Beach property. Keep reading to learn more about this smart audio solution.

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Effortless Control

Control4 is one of the biggest names in home automation, and they know a thing or two about making complex automation easy. Audio-video system control has confounded many a homeowner, but Control4 is an expert at simplification. With their latest OS 3 system, they've made finding and selecting something to listen to a breeze. Do you like jazz? One button can start that playlist playing in your location. If you're not fond of looking at a touchscreen for everything, you can have that button on a convenient, elegant keypad. If you need to change the volume or silence the sound in a room or area, you can use your smartphone, a dedicated Control4 touchscreen, or the elegant Neeo remote. With Control4, you can do it your way, just like Sinatra. 

All Your Music or Audio, Everywhere

Control4 integrates access to popular streaming services right in the system. If you love Spotify, Amazon Music, or Tidal, they’re all there. If you're a stickler about sound quality, you'll be happy to know that Control4 whole-home systems can support high-resolution music, such as the MQA tracks available on Tidal. If you’re an Apple device household, Airplay support lets you pipe virtually any audio from your phone or iPad all over the house. How about TV sound, like the news? Control4 supports both analog and digital inputs into the whole-house system, so you can enjoy your turntable, TV audio, old cassette mixtapes, or most anything else on your setup.

Speakers? Your Choice

Some new wireless audio systems lock you into a certain range of speakers. With Control4, this is not an issue. Control4 is a full audio distribution and control system customized to your home. It can let the audio flow anywhere, even long distances, with pristine digital quality. Amplifiers can power your choice of speakers, and most homeowners choose from a wide range of architectural models. The wonderful thing is you can choose hi-fi caliber speakers in a room for more critical listening and others more suited for background entertainment in other areas, including outdoors. The choice is all yours.

Give your beautiful Alys Beach abode the soundtrack it deserves. Contact our Florida office hereor start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our multi-room audio experts. We look forward to working with you.

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