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5 Reasons to Automate Your Home Media with Crestron

Crestron’s Digital Media Distribution System Simplifies Your Home

5 Reasons to Automate Your Home Media with Crestron

Are you a minimalist type of person? Do you appreciate great design, but like everything clean and tidy, with form following function? Are you passionate about high-quality audio and video in your home?

We apologize for all the questions. But if you answered yes to all of the above – or even some of them – you might want to read further about digital media distribution systems for your home. If you think that a digital media distribution system sounds like something that belongs in an office building, you would not be wrong either.

Crestron is a company practically synonymous with home and commercial automation. Long before Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other consumer home automation existed, Crestron was pioneering automation solutions for large residences, boardrooms, and conference centers for years. Crestron’s Digital Media Distribution system is a result of their extensive expertise in creating high-end audio-visual solutions.

What is it, and why might you want this Crestron automation solution for your Roswell-area home? If you have even a bit of a minimalist streak, read on to learn more.

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1.   Remove the AV System Clutter

If you have a gaggle of remote controls on your living room coffee table, that’s part of the clutter. That clutter, of course, adds complexity. Switching device inputs, getting the right picture and audio settings for each activity involves multiple remotes and hard-to-decipher buttons. Add to that the clutter of different equipment that is connected to the TV – a Blu-ray player, streaming device, audio receiver, cable or satellite box, and other gear. The wires and all that gear may be hard to hide neatly. A Crestron Digital Media solution banishes all the equipment to a central location but makes all of that content readily available through a simple remote and interface you can use to control any TV in your house.

2.   Watch Anything, Anywhere

The Crestron video distribution system lets you route any content to any display in your house, inside or outside. If you have a large home, and many TVs, this is a great system; you can even save money on not needing multiples of DVRs, set-top boxes, and Apple TVs, because they can be shared throughout the house. And you will access all that through one consistent, easy to use interface. That interface will require minimal button pushing and set all your equipment to the optimal audio and video settings for each source.

3.   Superb Audio and Video Quality in Every Room

The Crestron system can route the highest quality 4K 60hz video to every TV or display. It is also capable of routing high resolution, 24bit/192hz audio to every zone as well. No matter what you want to watch or listen to, you will be able to access it at the highest quality available.

4.   Centralize Your Equipment for Easy Access and Upgrades

Putting all your equipment in one location solves several issues. As we mentioned initially, it reduces technology clutter around your home. One well-designed equipment closet solves problems with adequate ventilation for heat-generating equipment like amplifiers. If you need service on your system, everything is in one place. And if you have a problem with a component in the system, you can always switch over to another one easily without dismantling anything in the problem location.

5.   Pure Convenience

A Crestron automation system will do much more than simplify your AV. Set the right ambiance in your media room for a movie by coordinating lights, temperature, motorized shades, and more. With one button or even a voice command, set a scene in your bedroom sitting area that turns on your gas fireplace, sets your thermostat to a comfortable temperature, turns on your reading light, and starts a  relaxing music playlist so you can settle in to read a chapter of a book. The less time you spend fussing with your systems, the more time you will have to finish that book.

Are you ready to simplify your Roswell-area home with Crestron automation? 

Please call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here or click the live chat button below to connect with us right away. We look forward to showing you how!

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