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Create a Healthful Home with Control4 Automation

How a Control4 Installation Enhances Wellness

Create a Healthful Home with Control4 Automation

Have we gone off the deep end? We are now claiming that home automation can improve wellness? Bear with us; it's not as wild as it seems. First, home automation is a great convenience – and luxury – and if that alone reduces stress, that's an improvement in your wellness.

Think about it. If your home automation system can inform you that you left the garage door open because it knows you're not at home, you can close it with a tap on a screen or have it do so automatically after a few minutes. If you're on vacation and you have a video doorbell and smart security cameras, you can check in on your house at any time and be notified of any unusual activity. Peace of mind and reduced anxiety is a boon for wellness too.

But even beyond the convenience and security aspects, comprehensive smart home systems like Control4 can create a better atmosphere for wellness too. As a Control4 installer in Cumming and Metro Atlanta, we have seen (and helped create) many ways clients have used their smart home features to improve fitness, mood, and relaxation for a healthier atmosphere. Keep reading for some of the best ideas!

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Home Fitness

Many turned to home fitness routines during the pandemic to stay in shape as gyms and studios were closed or limited. Fortunately, today’s technology offers the opportunity to create home gyms that can rival or beat what you might find in Cumming.

Imagine this scenario: You press a button or step into your home gym and say, “spinning workout.” Your lights dim, your flat panel TV turns on, the sound system starts, the ceiling fan turns to a higher speed, and the air conditioning comes on to lower the temperature for the workout. You can press a button to mirror your class video on the TV, and the lights can simulate the studio with changing colors. Who needs SoulCycle?

To make it all easy, your Control4 system does the work. Programmed scenes take care of lights, AV, and temperature control so you can focus on the workout and not your gear. And when you're done, just say "turn off home gym," and everything will be off until your next workout.

Natural Light and Lighting

We’ve written extensively about tunable lighting and its subtle but effective influence on wellness. Tunable solutions like Lutron Ketra lighting can blend your indoor lighting with natural light to mesh with the human body's circadian rhythm. The result is lighting that energizes you when you need it throughout the day and relaxes you at night, leading to better, more restful sleep.

But lighting is one part of that equation. With a Control4 smart home system deftly managing lighting, motorized shading, and temperature all together, you can create the perfect atmosphere for comfort and ambiance for any activity and time of day.

Music and Getting Outdoors

Music can set a mood and ambiance for any activity. It’s a no-brainer for a party or entertaining, whether the vibe is high energy or laid back. But after a hard day of work, music can also soothe, relax, and take the mind elsewhere. If you're not one to sit for long, have the music follow you around the house. Whether you’re cooking, checking on the kids, or doing the many sundry things you do at home, music makes the time go by just that much better.

What else has the power to make you feel better? Stepping outside to your patio for some fresh air. A little vitamin D from the sun always helps, as well as a breeze of the relative coolness of a late night. Make the outdoors even more relaxing with your favorite music, and discover how the day's worries float a little farther away.

With a Control4 whole-home audio system, you won't be fussing with finding something to play, controlling volume, and skipping tracks. It's all right there in front of you on a tablet, smartphone, or remote control, so you can just focus on the music, indoors or out.


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