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Introduce Your Home to the Human Side of Lighting Control

How Lutron Lighting Solutions Can Contribute to Wellness

Introduce Your Home to the Human Side of Lighting Control

We adapt to technology quickly, perhaps more than we realize. In the past 25 years, life has changed markedly with the onslaught of the Internet, which continues to connect not just people but almost every facet of our lives.

Sometimes, people rue the effect of technology on their lives and long for the "good old days" before it came along. They complain about the impact of technology, that all our "interconnectedness" makes too much of a 24/7 world.

However, technology can also enhance our lives in ways far better than the “good old days.” One of the latest features of LED lighting and lighting control is color-tuned lighting, and it promises to make your home’s lighting more natural and attuned to your daily rhythms.

It’s called human-centric lighting, and it’s brought to your Roswell home by Lutron, a pioneer in lighting control since the good old days. Read on to see how Lutron lighting control can enhance your wellness at home.

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Tunable Lighting

People have traditionally risen with the sun and slept when it's dark. Artificial light may have changed that, but the natural rhythms of our body's cycles are still there. That cycle is called the Circadian Rhythm. We know that brightly sunlit days tend to energize us, and dreary, cloudy ones tend to drive more coffee consumption. That is a result of our body's natural response to lighting.

As you may know, lighting has color temperatures. Bright, bluer light, like daylight and the type of lighting used in office interiors, keeps us more alert. Warmer toned lighting, like that of a setting sun, tends to relax us. Think of a restaurant interior, whether brightly lit or softly glowing and the effect it tends to have on your experience.

Lighting with different color temperatures has been around for many years, but the bulbs were fixed. They were either warmer or bluer tones, and there were not infinite variations. LED technology has changed that, as it allows for changes in color along the spectrum of the rainbow. Not only that, the fixtures can vary in color and are easily controlled remotely.

Lutron Ketra Lighting

Lutron Ketra lighting delivers on the promise of human-centric lighting. No matter what the day looks like outside, you can start your day with bright bluer lighting that mimics daylight and energize your morning. Toward late afternoon and evening, your lights can soften to warmer hues to keep you on the natural cycle that makes you pleasantly tired and ready for bed by nightfall.

If you happen to use features like “night mode” on your smartphone, you are using the same concept. Night mode dims the intensity of the light from the screen and shifts the backlight to warmer tones, so your eyes are less strained, and your brain naturally relaxes.

Think of the calming effects of applying precise color tuning and dimming capabilities across your whole home’s lighting. Lutron lighting control solutions give you a myriad of options for managing your lighting by schedule, scenes, one-touch keypads, and smartphone control. With Ketra tunable lighting, your lighting can energize and relax you, and perhaps deliver a better night's sleep, too.

Ketra tunable lighting adds an extra dimension to Lutron lighting control. You still get all the benefits of efficiency, aesthetics, and convenience that Lutron solutions provide. And when you layer lighting control with other smart solutions like motorized shading and intelligent climate control, you compound the benefits. It might be enough to make the "good old days" a quaint memory.

Ketra human-centric lighting is just one more reason why Lutron lighting control is right for your Atlanta-area home. To learn more, visit our Marietta showroom, reach out to us at (770) 955-8909, fill out our online contact form, or chat with us on the bottom right to connect with us quickly. We look forward to working with you.

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