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Get to Know Lutron’s Caséta Lighting Control System

Are You Ready to Add Smart Lighting Control to Your Home?

Get to Know Lutron’s Caséta Lighting Control System

If you’re just getting started with smart home technology at your Georgia residence, one of the first systems you might consider is lighting control. Perhaps you’re aware of the benefits but have been hesitant to make a significant investment in a whole-house lighting control solution.

Did you know, though, that Lutron – the industry leader in enterprise-grade residential and commercial smart lighting solutions – also offers the perfect system for homeowners just beginning to enter the smart home market?

Caséta is the Lutron lighting control system for beginners, providing an easy way to experiment with smart lighting control and its connected features. As the Smyrna area and Metro Atlanta’s leading Lutron installers, Georgia Home Theater can help set up a Caséta system in any area of your home.

Keep reading to see some of our favorite Caséta features and how you could enhance your home and lifestyle with Lutron’s offerings!

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Getting Started

Caséta has proven a capable, impressive lighting control system for homes of all ages and sizes. It doesn't require a neutral wire, which allows it to be used in both new and retrofitted homes up to 2,500 square feet.

Only want to start in one area of your house? No problem. We can start in a few rooms and later expand your system. Have a condo instead of a home? This 2,500 square-foot reach makes Caséta a perfect fit for a Midtown-area condominium. Control your system from the convenience of your smartphone app, dimmers, keypads or even remotes.

Lutron Bridge

There are several Lutron Caséta starter kits out there, but we will make sure to install one that includes Lutron Bridge, which allows you to build onto your lighting control gradually with up to 50 devices.

Caséta’s control features don’t limit you to light switches or keypads as you build your smart home capabilities. The Bridge device also lets you control HVAC, security, fans, shades and more, whether at home or remotely. Keep reading to explore Caséta’s innovative ability to integrate with a host of smart home products.

Most Affordable and Connected

Caséta integrations offer the most cutting-edge technology for the price. But they also protect your investment in another way: They integrate with your other smart home products, such as Alexa, Google and Nest.

If you want to add shades later on, Lutron’s Serena motorized window treatments can take your lighting control to the next level by maximizing energy efficiency and giving you the control to optimize lighting levels in any connected room.

With Caséta, you don’t even need to buy special bulbs to operate your system. Transform your existing bulbs into smart bulbs with the flip of a switch.

Easy to Schedule

Are you tired of watching a movie and seeing the glare from surrounding lights competing with the screen? Set your home to “movie time,” and you’re one button away from dimmer lights.

Do you want to click one button and get ready to sleep? With just one press of the button on your smartphone, your lights can turn off and your thermostat will lower! Caséta can help you create various home scenes with ease. Schedule your connected lights to turn off and lower the temperature through your integrated Nest thermostat, just through the tap of a button.

Safety through “Smart Away”

When you’re away from home, you don’t want your home to be vulnerable to thieves and vandals. Lutron Caséta’s Smart Away feature acts as a security feature by allowing you to program your lights to fake an occupancy by turning them off and on at your regularly scheduled times.

For example, if you usually arrive home by 6 p.m., your lighting system will copy your typical patterns and trick criminals into skipping your house.

Looking for Something More Expansive?

It’s important to remember that Caséta only has a 50-device limit, so if you have a more expansive house or plan to expand your system some day beyond 50 devices, we recommend one of Lutron’s more expansive lighting control systems, such as RadioRA 2 or HomeWorks QS.

Much like Caséta, you can start small with a RadioRA 2 or HomeWorks QS system and build upon your initial installation. However, unlike Caséta, RadioRA 2 supports up to 200 devices and HomeWorks QS supports thousands of devices – and up to 10,000 zones.

We at Georgia Home Theater can provide a free, no-obligation consultation to help you decide which Lutron lighting control system might be best for your Smyrna-area or Metro Atlanta home.

Contact us here to schedule your free, no-hassle consultation, or click the chat button below to immediately connect with us. We look forward to speaking with you!

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