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How Can Smart Lighting Elevate Your Interior Design Projects?

Embrace the Possibilities of Smart Lighting for Your Projects in the Buckhead Area

How Can Smart Lighting Elevate Your Interior Design Projects?

In the past, technology has often been seen as an obstacle that interior designers need to work around in order to create distinct, beautiful spaces. Things have changed, though.

Home technologies have evolved with design in mind, and manufacturers are building smart home devices that are tools interior designers can use to transform a room and make it more functional.

Design is about more than just aesthetics. It informs how people relate to their surroundings, and as technology changes the nature of that relationship, design needs to embrace the possibilities these smart devices provide.

Smart lighting control systems are especially valuable for designers, making spaces more versatile by allowing homeowners to change the atmosphere with the push of the button.

Keep reading to learn about the ways smart lighting can enhance your interior design projects here in the Buckhead area.


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Set Specific Scenes

Think about all the ways a living room is used. It's a place for entertaining, reading, watching TV and movies, listening to music, having conversations, playing with the kids. Smart lighting adapts for all of these different activities by giving homeowners the opportunity to create specific scenes that change the lighting levels depending on the occasion.

Interior designers can use this scene function to give rooms new dimensions. Maybe there's one specific spot of the room that is used for reading, so that scene dims or shuts off other lights while illuminating the one necessary location. You can have different lighting scenes for watching TV versus watching a movie, and if you want to use your lights to spotlight different décor elements, you can set a scene that will showcase furniture or artwork.


Benefit from Connected Technology

When you’re designing the interior scheme for a room, you want to be aware of how natural light will affect the appearance. Too much or too little can disrupt the home’s aesthetic, but a smart lighting control system accommodates shifting natural light conditions with ambient light sensors that detect sunlight and make adjustments so that your system isn’t fighting against nature. Once ambient light reaches a certain point, your artificial lights dim so that the room isn’t flooded with too much light. On stormy days when the sun is covered up, your daytime setting will have brighter lights so your clients aren’t left in the dark.


Want to learn more about how a smart lighting control system can take your Buckhead interior design projects to the next level?

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