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Is Your Home Security System Intelligent?

5 Ways an Integrated Home Control System Makes for Smarter Security

Is Your Home Security System Intelligent?

Do you have a home security system? Chances are you do.  Standard home security systems have alarms, sensors on doors and windows for intrusion detection, and smoke detectors that trigger a call to a security monitoring service. These systems provide some peace of mind so you can rest easy in your Atlanta home.

But homes are evolving, and security solutions are too. A smart home security installation from the experts at Georgia Home Theater can dramatically expand your security features. Smart home security can do much more than set off an alarm when something is amiss.  With today’s smart devices, you can make your home much more secure and keep an eye on your home at any time, no matter where you are.

Let’s explore a few benefits of integrating home security with a home automation system, like that of our partner Control4.


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Smart Locks

Do you ever wonder if you forgot to lock the front or back door?  Or maybe if your garage was left open?  With a smart lock and garage system, you can always know which entrances are locked and unlocked, and lock them remotely from your smartphone.  Through the Control4 system, you can even set times of day to automatically lock the doors if no one is detected at home. 

Smart lock systems are also a secure way to let service or delivery workers gain temporary access to your home via temporary codes.  That could be for a gate into your driveway or an entrance to your home.  You can verify someone’s identity through an outdoor camera, remotely unlock the door for a delivery, and monitor the activity on security cameras. 


Smart Lights

Your lighting plays a prominent role in making a home look occupied.  With smart lighting, your lights are controlled by a “mockupancy” mode while you’re away.  This mode turns lights on and off in a random but realistic pattern that makes it look like someone is always home.  That same pattern can also be applied to TVs and audio equipment for an even more realistic illusion. 


Smart Cameras

With smart cameras, you can always monitor the inside and outside of your property.  Keep an eye on any unruly teens or pets at home while you’re at work.  If you are away, you can be notified when motion is detected around any of the cameras, and see the video feed right on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  With Control4 smart doorbells, you can view who is at a front door, talk to them, and remotely unlock the door. 


Smart Sensors

Today’s sensors are more intelligent than ever and easier to install.  They monitor motion, water intrusion, humidity, carbon monoxide, heat, UV light, and more.  A home automation system puts the information together from sensors and cameras to keep you informed on your home’s status, giving you the ability to take any actions necessary.


Smarter Security

Here’s an example of how home automation can make all these smart devices work for you for a more secure environment.  If the unthinkable happens, like a fire in the middle of the night, a smart security system takes these steps: The smoke detector detects smoke in a room. The system shuts down the climate system to prevent the spread of smoke. An alarm is sounded and the fire department is called. Smart lights light a path to the doors from the bedrooms, all the doors are unlocked, and outside lights flash on and off to assist emergency response personnel in quickly locating your property. 


Are you ready for a smarter approach to the security of you Atlanta home?  Fill out our online contact form to schedule a complimentary consultation, or click the chat button below to immediately connect with us.   


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