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Four Reasons to Invest in a Smart Lighting Control System

An Investment in Your Home and Your Lifestyle

Four Reasons to Invest in a Smart Lighting Control System

You may have heard of lighting control systems or smart lighting, but like many things now labeled “smart,” you may not have a great sense of what they can do for you. Smart lighting control systems also sound like they might require a significant investment.

The good news is that smart lighting control may require a minimal upfront investment in wiring to get started. With the advances in wireless technologies, however, you may be surprised at how painless it is to add lighting control to your existing home. Moreover, you can automate your outdoor lights, one room, several rooms, or the whole house – you have choices, and you can expand in the future.

Why install a smart lighting control system in your Metro Atlanta home? Because there are real benefits in convenience, safety, and efficiency – not to mention adding a little luxury to your lifestyle. Read on to find out how.


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Do you always forget to turn off lights after you leave home to rush to work or get kids to school?  Are your children continually leaving lights on all over the house? With just an app on your smartphone, you could check the lights from anywhere and turn them off. Or perhaps turn on lights for a pet if you’re running late and it’s getting dark. If there’s an unusual noise in the backyard at night, you could immediately turn on a light remotely rather than finding the switch.



Convenience can graduate to real luxury in your home. Higher-end smart lighting control systems can manage hundreds of devices, making them appropriate for the largest properties in Metro Atlanta. They include features like customizable keypads, wireless control, and many styles and color options to fit your décor. 

Luxury is not just about control, but automating the routine, and maybe non-routine activities too. A “bedtime” button on a keypad by your bedside could set all the lights for nighttime – outside lights on, a dimmed path to the kitchen, and dimmed nightlights in the kid’s bathrooms. A party scene could be set for lighting your indoor and outdoor areas for an evening of entertaining guests. Luxury can also be issuing a voice command to Amazon Alexa to immediately dim your family room lights and draw the shades to watch a movie.


Energy Savings

Lighting control can also save you in energy costs. If you desire, occupancy sensors (built into light switches or discreetly mounted on a wall) can monitor a room for activity and shut off lights when not in use. Smart lighting systems can also integrate with climate control and motorized shades, as in solutions from our lighting partner Lutron. With this integration, you could manage the heat of the Georgia summer sun, or let a sunny winter day bring natural light into your home while coordinating with inside lights and climate control for efficiency and comfort.



One of the best features of a smart lighting control system is the ability for it to manage lights in a way that makes it look like someone is always home, even when you’re not. For example, a button labeled “vacation” could control a set of lights to be randomly turned on and off throughout the home. With a home automation system like those from our partner Control4, security cameras could be integrated to monitor activity inside and out, turn on lights and alarms when unexpected motion is detected, and notify you on your smartphone immediately. 

There are many more ways smart lighting control can enhance your Atlanta-area home. Fill out our online contact form to schedule a complimentary consultation, or click the chat button below to immediately connect with us.  


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